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Warriors were always created in different eras, but the ancient Middle Ages are considered to have the most resilience and strength. Do you want to find out if the warriors of this period have something interesting? Download Bloody Bastards to experience the extremely interesting medieval wars right now.

Note: You can also refer to some games of the same genre as War of Rafts or Titan Quest: Legendary Edition.

Introduce about Bloody Bastards

Tibith is a game publisher that is quite unfamiliar to players all over the world, but they have been very successful when creating Bloody Bastards with extremely interesting features. The most interesting point of this game is probably that it is set in the Middle Ages, a period that is both familiar but new to many players.

Here, players will have to control a character and fight with the enemies directly in each battle. Who is your enemy? The enemies in the game are brothers in the same clan, but they are willing to betray family members to gain their own benefits.


As mentioned, Bloody Bastards will take players to fierce 1vs1 battles. Here, you need to do everything you can to beat your opponents to complete the set goals. This is an interesting fight, with no referee, nor any rules that can interfere. Because of that, the battle really ended only when one of the two sides was defeated.

After defeating a certain opponent, the next opponent will immediately appear to provoke the player. This means that players always have to prepare mentally, and develop specific fighting strategies if they want to defeat all enemies. Moreover, you can use some familiar weapons such as axes, knives, swords, in different battles.

Special controls

Basically, Bloody Bastards has a marked change in the way of controls compared to games of the same genre. The player will not see any virtual keys appear on the screen, so how to control the character? Simply, you will double-tap the left or right of the screen to help the character move in the indicated direction.

To use swords or launch attacks, players just need to touch and rotate the right side of the screen. In general, the way of this game is relatively simple, but you will need a little to access it.

Power up your character

After each battle, the player will receive a reward corresponding to the previous achievement. This money will help you buy equipment, specifically, this equipment will help the character increase strength quickly. Bloody Bastards provides a lot of equipment such as shields, armor, weapons, shoes. Each item will bring completely different stats. For example, armor will increase the defense of the character or the weapon will increase the ability to deal damage.

Boring easy game mode

Up to now, this game only offers a single game mode that is story combat. The repeating gameplay will make players quickly get bored when experiencing the game. Although the difficulty will increase continuously at each level, that does not mean that fun will be guaranteed throughout.

We hope that Bloody Bastards will develop a PvP mode in the future so that players around the world can compete against each other in fierce battles.

Classic 2D graphics

Although only integrated 2D graphics format, but we believe that this is a reasonable calculation from the publisher. Players will be exploring the Middle Ages through fierce battles so things should be a little bit simpler. Bloody Bastards has done this, players will be able to see images of extremely funny characters but still retain the drama of the battle.

The physics and transition effects in this game are also guaranteed. Therefore, you can experience a stable game on low-profile devices.

What’s special in Bloody Bastards MOD version?

If you have ever experienced Bloody Bastards, you will surely feel that the equipment in the game is not cheap. So, you will need a long time to own the most powerful equipment.

New update in Bloody Bastards

Version 3.2.4

The Spooky Update:

  • Brought back Spooky Mode
  • Added Halloween goodies
  • Loads of minor tweaks and fixes

Note: You can only play 3.2.4 with others on the same version (3.2.4)

How to install Bloody Bastards

Step 1: Download the latest version (Original APK) of Bloody Bastards from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock settings on Android phone (Allow unknown apps access).

Step 3: Install the file Bloody Bastards_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: After a successful installation, players just need to touch the game’s icon on the main screen and enjoy it immediately.

Download Bloody Bastards APK for Android

Possessing simple gameplay, and interesting context, Bloody Bastards is truly an accessible game for many players at the moment. Anyone can enjoy this game by downloading it through Google Play. If you want things to grow faster, please click on the APK link below the article right now.


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