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NameSleep Cycle
PublisherSleep Cycle AB
Category Health & Fitness
Latest Version3.19.3.5852
RequiresAndroid 6.0
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Package google play
Update OnOctober 4, 2021

If you often have uncomfortable sleep, try using Sleep Cycle. Let this app track your sleep and wake you up at the most convenient time without setting an alarm first.

Note: You can refer to other utility applications such as Strava and Litmatch.

Introduce about Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle – Your sleep aid

In today’s modern society, people seem to be very busy with daily tasks. That is the reason why they forget to care about their health, especially sleep. It is easy to see young people working hard every night, then going to bed late and having to get up early the next day. We will see the consequences of this sooner than we imagine. So how to have a good sleep in a short time?

Sleep Cycle

Don’t worry too much because now you have this app, a useful application from the publisher Sleep Cycle AB. Just install it on the phone, it will monitor and analyze the user’s sleep. Then come up with suitable sleep cycles so you can wake up in the most comfortable mood. As can be seen, it is an application suitable for everyone.

Sleep monitoring and result reporting

Regular alarm clocks on phones will have no other features than alarms. However, this app can do so much more. It tracks the user’s sleep from the moment he falls asleep to the moment he wakes up. It then analyzes the obtained data and recommends suitable sleep measures for you to have a good night’s sleep.

In addition, this application also has a recording feature to record the user’s snoring while sleeping. Based on that, it will analyze and list diseases or health problems to warn users. This feature was developed by many reputable health researchers, so you can be confident that Sleep Cycle is giving the right warning.


After monitoring your sleep, Sleep Cycle will calculate the best time to sleep and wake you up at the right time. Rest assured that it only wakes you up when you are in the light sleep phase. Therefore, it will still ensure you wake up in the most comfortable mood. Besides, Sleep Cycle also has different types of alarm sounds for each user object.

The alarm will ring continuously until the user wakes up and turns it off. Overall, these are familiar features of an alarm clock. But with Sleep Cycle, these alarm data will be saved to the system and used for analysis to suggest users good sleep methods.

Advanced Features

Besides the features we have listed above, Sleep Cycle also brings many other convenient features in the advanced version.

  • Users can note the activities that happened during the day such as drinking coffee, exercising, eating late at night, etc. And Sleep Cycle will help them review their sleep cycle and suggest suitable solutions.
  • Allows online backup of the user’s sleep data.
  • In addition, it also stores and compares your sleep data with sleep data in the world to suggest scientific sleep cycles. Besides, it also allows exporting data to Excel for detailed analysis…

Intuitive interface

The interface design of Sleep Cycle is quite user-friendly. It has a combination of basic colors, both creating a classic and digital feel. Its background is a dark color, while the information data will be light. Therefore, it ensures that the information will be prominently displayed for easy viewing and search.

In addition, this application will contain quite a lot of items, but important information is displayed visually on the homepage. That’s what you are very interested in every time you access the application, such as time to sleep, time to wake up, heart rate, number of steps, quality of sleep. Therefore, at busy times, You will not need to spend a lot of time looking for information.

Some note

Sleep Cycle works correctly only if the user gives it the correct information. Therefore, if you want to use this application effectively, spend a little of your time each day providing the necessary information and monitoring your sleep indicators.

The outstanding advantage of the Sleep Cycle compared to other common applications is the battery-saving mode. This app works in the background, so it won’t consume too much of your battery. However, if your phone runs out of battery, make sure you charge it while using the app. Also, keep your phone close to where you sleep so the app can track your sleep accurately. Of course, the user can turn on airplane mode because this app can work offline.

How to install Sleep Cycle

Step 1: Download the version of Sleep Cycle (MOD Premium Unlocked) exclusive developed from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device.

Step 3: Open the file Sleep Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Sleep Cycle MOD APK for Android

We know many of us to have little interest in sleep. But you know, lack of sleep or not getting a good night’s sleep makes waking up difficult. Therefore, Sleep Cycle is always a great choice for everyone to monitor sleep. Install it on your phone and it will help you do this every day. Not only does it track, but it also analyzes your sleep data to suggest appropriate sleep cycles. What’s more, you can get a gentle wake-up call to wake up and start the morning energized. How do you see?

MOD Features:

  • Premium Unlocked


  • Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
  • Please see Installation Guide from

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