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Update OnNovember 22, 2022
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Don’t have time to go to the gym or can’t afford to rent yourself a PE monthly? Let Home Workout fix these problems right away. App this will provide users with home fitness exercises following a professional and extremely detailed lesson plan from leading experts.

Note: Users can also refer to some similar applications like Fitify at MODDED-1.COM.

Introduce about Home Workout

In the present time, the need to take care of your own body is very popular by many people. Everyone wants to have good health and a good body. But not everyone can go to gyms according to a certain time frame and do the advanced exercises that a trainer offers.

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Therefore, Home Workout comes from publisher Leap Fitness Group appears as a companion for each user during the training process. This app will provide daily workouts for all your major muscle groups. Thereby, it provides users with a healthy body with beautiful body standards from leading experts. Join us to find out about it right away.

Unlimited practice

As mentioned above, Home Workout provides users with specific instructions to work out the most effective. As well as providing the right exercise types for all muscles. Basically, each person’s physique will be different, so it is necessary to exercise suitable exercises to improve their own health. If we choose the wrong exercises, we will be very vulnerable to injury during practice.

Before starting, Home Workout will ask users to enter basic metrics such as weight and height to make it easier to track fitness. Then, the application will automatically analyze the body’s indicators to suggest the most suitable lessons as well as exercises. You just need to follow the process that this application offers and get the results you want.

Your smart PT

Home Workout comes with extremely detailed tutorials, including images and sounds to make it easy for you to access from the first time. Basically, users just need to select any exercise, the main screen will automatically switch to the training progress and available exercises. A short video will describe how the exercise is performed and when feeling ready, you can touch the start button.

In the end, only need to follow exactly what appears on the screen to complete the exercise. Besides, this application also integrates detailed voice instructions to accurately describe the movements in a given exercise.

Many categories

Most of the exercises in Home Workout are divided into different categories to suit many types of users. For example, training at home, office, challenge. They will be divided into many different levels depending on the user’s ability. Each group will include a full range of exercises for the whole body such as arms, legs, shoulders, abdomen, and back. You can easily find and choose a suitable group of exercises. If you are a new user, you should start with the easy level, because the medium and difficult will require you to do twice as many exercises as usual.

Track training progress

Each exercise in Home Workout is pre-programmed to synchronize with user data. This means that it will automatically collect user information during the practice. The algorithms then analyze and show the calories you consumed after each exercise. Besides, this application will remind users to practice daily to achieve the highest efficiency.


After you have completed a training goal, you can share your training with the people around you and get feedback from them. Sometimes a word of encouragement from a loved one is enough to motivate you in the next exercise. Not only that, but users can also invite friends to practice and share their own practice and fitness experience.

How to install Home Workout

Step 1: Download the Home Workout version (Original APK) at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Tap Install.

Step 3: The application’s icon will appear on the home screen right after the successful installation.

Step 4: Simply tap the Home Workout icon to use it right away.

Download Home Workout APK for Android

It is not too difficult to understand when this app achieves more than 4.9 / 5 ratings and 100 million installs on Google Play with great features. What are you waiting for? Download Home Workout to your device and practice to have a healthy body right away. You may not believe the effectiveness of the exercises this app offers. But we believe that by just following the right route, you will surely have a perfect body in a short amount of time.

MOD Features:

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