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Good sleep is one of the factors that help people increase work productivity as well as be in the best shape. If you are having trouble falling asleep or looking for a sleep companion app, BetterSleep will be a perfect choice. Let us learn more about the features that this application brings.

Note: You can also refer to some applications with similar functions on the Modded-1.com website such as Sleep Cycle or Calm Sleep.

Introduce about BetterSleep

BetterSleep – An effective sleep improvement application on mobile devices


BetterSleep will provide users with factors related to the sleep process, and effectively improve sleep thanks to accurate diagnoses. According to statistics from experts, this application improves sleep by 80% for users with sleep-related problems. This is also a product in the series of relaxation support applications from the publisher Ipnos Software. Up to now, BetterSleep has more than 10 million installs with 4.6 ratings on Google Play. Overall, this number is quite impressive for an application developed on a mobile platform.

Learn more about sleep

Before starting to get to the main features, this application will provide users with an adequate amount of knowledge about sleep. Sometimes we mistakenly think that sleep is not so important to everyone’s life. This leads to a subjective state, not paying attention to sleep, making mental life much more stagnant. If you want to have an active day of work or study, you need to have a deep enough sleep to feel elated. As can be seen, the scientific information about sleep in BetterSleep is specifically cited from well-known sources. So you can be assured of its accuracy.

Monitor and provide solutions for deep sleep

BetterSleep has a built-in tool that measures how many hours each user spends on their sleep. Thanks to that, you will capture the resting state as well as compare it with the statistics of the average person to give specific directions for improvement. Typically, if you sleep too little or too much, the application will introduce you to a specific route to change your sleep status immediately.

Solutions for deep sleep are also provided in this app so that users can freely choose according to their preferences. You can choose to listen to classical music, meditation music, or listen to fairy tales to easily fall asleep. Up to now, this application provides more than 300 sounds as well as 10 different story genres for you to choose from. Choose for yourself the most suitable sound to fall asleep as soon as possible.

Create a sleep routine according to scientific standards

Asleep routine is also a method targeted by BetterSleep in its roadmap to improving sleep for users. With this application, you will not have to go to bed late anymore, because it will regularly display notifications or remind you to go to bed on time. For example, a notification will be sent to the device when it’s time to sleep. So you just need to follow the request from the app to create a reasonable sleep routine.

Going to bed on time is always a dilemma for many people, so follow the instructions from this app to create a scientific sleep routine for yourself. After that, you will feel your mood become much more relaxed and clear the next day.

Explore a diverse collection of sleep sounds

As mentioned, BetterSleep provides users with a diverse collection of sleep sounds with over 300 different sounds. Here, you can choose and listen to the sounds of nature before going to sleep to feel relaxed and easier to fall asleep. Moreover, you can also choose for yourself an attractive story to listen to before sleeping. It can be fairy tales about myths, interesting animations, and more. New types of sounds are also constantly added to the application to help users have more choices in the future.

Minimalist interface, many functions

Like most other sleep-enhancing apps, BetterSleep has a minimalistic interface along with a host of powerful features. Most of the features are available on the main screen allowing users to easily use it from the first time. You just need to carefully read the description or icon of each feature to discover the effective sleep route that this application offers. Besides, the colors in the application are also displayed quite intuitively and do not cause confusion for users.

How to install BetterSleep

Step 1: You can download BetterSleep (MOD Premium Unlocked) version at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Proceed to allow the “BetterSleep” app to access unknown settings on your Android phone.

Step 3: Open the file BetterSleep_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Click install and wait a short time.

Step 4: The application’s icon will appear on the screen immediately after successful installation. Touch this icon for immediate use.

Download BetterSleep MOD APK for Android

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, BetterSleep will be the perfect solution for you. This application gives users outstanding advantages, along with effective sleep methods that you can apply to fall asleep deeply. If you want, you can also download the MOD version on our website to experience more advanced features.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Unlocked


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