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Teaching and learning online at present is gradually becoming a global trend. This is also the time when we need the help of specialized applications like Google Classroom MOD APK. Is this smart classroom app really useful for teaching and learning? Let’s find out with us right here.

Note: You can also find some apps developed by Google like Google Meet or Google Earth.

Introduce about Google Classroom

Google Classroom – An application to organize classes and support interaction between students and teachers

Google Classroom is the best learning support and progress management application for teachers and students. With this application, users can easily organize classes, share files quickly to save maximum time. For those of you who don’t know, this app was first launched in 2014.

Google Classroom

Over a long period of development, this application has really gained prominence in recent years, especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although equipped with many useful features, this application is completely free on mobile platforms. Thanks to that, it has reached 100 million installs on Google Play to date.

Who can use this application?

As mentioned, Google Classroom is known as an online teaching support service for schools around the world. The application is completely free and anyone with a personal Google account can quickly use it. Basically, this application is often used to create a connection between teachers and students inside and outside the school. Therefore, anyone can create a class with a unique code, thereby sharing files and communicating in the most convenient way. The feature that many people are most interested in when using this application is to help teachers create and collect student assignments without paper.

Using simple

This application is aimed at simplicity for all users so its features are done through a few basic steps. If you are a student, you only need to know the registration code issued by your teacher to access a certain class. Each class code will correspond to a specific class, and all classes will have different codes for easy identification.

After a successful login, a folder called Google Classroom will appear on your Drive. This is where you can download lecture files, learning content to your device. In some cases, you can also submit work files online in this application, teachers will receive all files that students have previously submitted. From there, the teacher will grade based on the content of the test, along with scores and comments.

Improve self-study spirit

As you know, online learning is one of the booming learning methods in the present time. But sometimes it will backfire, causing learners to feel bored and reduce their interest in learning. Because we can do a lot of different things even while studying without being complained by the teacher. But with Google Classroom, things have become much more convenient when giving learners the necessary initiative.

For example, you can actively download the teacher’s lectures to preview, structure the event in your own way or even send questions to the teacher immediately. For some shy students, this is really a rare opportunity. It will help them be more active in the lessons than face-to-face instruction. In general, if you know how to use it properly, this application will help you increase the spirit of self-study effectively.

Promote safety, no ads

Like most other learning support applications from Google, Google Classroom is completely free and does not require users to pay any fees to use. Moreover, this application will not come with any ads during use. As a result, user learning will be much more seamless and effective.

Besides, this application also commits not to use the user’s content and data for any purpose. Security is one of the factors that make applications from Google publishers attractive to many users. So you can be completely assured of security during use. In addition, the interface of this application is also designed to be very intuitive and suitable for any user’s needs.

How to install Google Classroom

Step 1: Download the version (original APK) of Google Classroom from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android device.

Step 3: Click the install button that appears on the screen.

Step 4: Wait for 100% completion, access the Google Classroom application to experience the best features.

Download Google Classroom APK for Android

To use Google Classroom for mobile devices, all you need to do is simply prepare a pre-authenticated Google account. Then log in and enjoy the powerful online learning support services that this app offers at any time. Remember that the internet connection must be secure throughout so as not to miss any important information from your class. Besides, this application still has some shortcomings, but we believe it will be resolved quickly in the next updates.

Features MOD:

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