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Google Earth APK is an extremely interesting and unique application, it helps users easily observe the world image with data obtained from satellite images. Are you ready to explore this app?

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Introduce about Google Earth

download google earth apk

Imagine that you do not need to leave the house but can still observe the change of the world in a certain period of time, isn’t that amazing? Google Earth will make your imagination come true immediately. Basically, this is an application developed by the famous Google LLC publisher. It is created to help users explore the entire world right on their smartphone through an internet connection. With over 100 million installs on Google Play, we believe that Google Earth will make you truly happy with what it offers.

Learn regions around the world

Google Earth brings the world to your smartphone or tablet in 3D, simulating all things around the earth in clear and vivid satellite imagery. Through this application, you will get an overview of the areas you care about from different vivid perspectives. In addition, users can explore the basic changes of their current residence from the past to the present with ease.

In addition, Google Earth will answer all questions of users about famous and unspoiled places in the world. The user just needs to type in a question like “Where is the capital of Japan located?”. This application will automatically take you to a map of Tokyo with suggestions about the most popular attractions of the country. Users simply touch the point of interest to get detailed information about it from the Wikipedia page.

Discover interesting things

If you are a lover of astronomy, Google Earth will definitely be an indispensable choice in the present time. This application provides the features needed to support those who love astronomy. With layers of space cameras, viewing images of constellations in the galaxy, movement of planets, reading and studying the sky, are extremely detailed and easy to understand.

Besides, users can also visit interesting places on the moon. In addition, rare video material about the Apollo mission in the past will appear through this application easily. As for the meteorologists, Google Earth brings useful information about climate change, poses real-world situations as well as solutions to adapt to the living environment in the future.

Work effectively

Google Earth is not a mere entertainment application, it also provides users with many necessary tools to serve their work. With the advanced measurement and drawing tools in this app, users can easily plan the most efficient and intuitive measurement possible. Through this application, users can do some of the following tasks quickly and achieve high efficiency:

Calculate the distance in feet, miles, kilometers, samples, and more. Thereby, it is easy to make suitable decisions in each certain situation.

Quickly measure radii and area to buffer a power plant or calculate the amount of cement needed for a new parking lot before construction starts.

Determine the corresponding height of any building through the built-in 3D measurement feature. Or you can measure the view from a new high-rise residential building to the nearest park through a few simple manipulations.

Provide data

This application also integrates an extremely diverse and rich data system to help users make their decisions easier. Some basic data such as parcel data, demographic data, traffic count data. In addition, Google Earth currently offers more than 50 interactive tours within Voyager. Each 3D tour is accompanied by the world’s leading scientists and experts, giving users the full feeling of an identical trip to reality.

Smart display interface

The interface is also one of the important highlights to help this application quickly win the trust of the user. The interface system is extremely intuitive and optimized on a mobile platform. Thereby, it helps users to easily familiarize themselves with the usage of this application right from the first experience. In general, there aren’t too many details displayed in this app. So it shouldn’t take you long to figure out which feature you want to use.

How to install Google Earth

Step 1: Download the version (Original APK) of Google Earth from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on Android device.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Wait for 100% completion, access the Google Earth application to experience the best features.

Download Google Earth APK for Android

Google Earth is really a very prominent application in the present time. It displays interesting articles and pictures of the most prominent places on the planet to help users easily discover them on board. my phone. With the maps viewed, you can make measurements of the length, width, and area of a given area in relation to the surrounding elements easily. In addition, this application also contains public transport routes and maps for pedestrians, cyclists. This will definitely make the process of circulation convenient and accurate more than ever.

MOD Features:

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