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YouTube Kids APK is a video social networking platform dedicated to children. It’s quite similar to YouTube, but is simple, lightweight, and contains more content suitable for children’s ages. Channels and videos are provided by teachers, filmmakers, and creators all over the world. Let’s find out what’s so special about this app.

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Introduce about YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids – A dedicated video streaming platform for kids with tailored content

As you probably already know, YouTube is one of the largest video social networks today with a seemingly endless store of content. Besides useful videos, you can also easily find video channels that share objectionable content, not suitable for all audiences. It is especially dangerous when children see videos that are not appropriate for their age, watching once is enough to change a child’s way of seeing and acting.

YouTube Kids

If you still want to expose your child to other useful videos, you can switch to using YouTube Kids. Basically, its main function will not change too much compared to YouTube, but publisher Google LLC has optimized it into a more closed environment. In this app, you can only watch family-friendly videos that are suitable for children. In fact, the content of the application is still guaranteed to be at the best level so that children can develop comprehensively. With more than 100 million installs on Google Play, this app is gradually winning the hearts of parents around the world.

Content specifically for children

The development purpose of YouTube Kids is aimed at children, and the team of developers has worked very hard to make this application child-friendly. All content before being posted on this platform has to go through a lot of censorship steps. If there are any violations related to the community guidelines, the video will be removed immediately. Only when the content creators make appropriate changes, it can be re-uploaded.

As a result, children can freely watch their favorite content and programs such as cartoons, music videos, creative tutorials, or any other content they like. All available videos are censored and recommended to all users. Of course, the censorship system, no matter how optimal it is, sometimes encounters problems. Therefore, if you find bad content, you can contact support for the publisher to remove it immediately.

Search videos quickly and accurately

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YouTube Kids owns the optimal search algorithms from YouTube. So you can be completely assured of its searchability. All you need to do is simply tap the search icon that appears in the top corner of the home screen. You can choose from voice search, data entry, and more. The algorithms then work effectively to ensure that the results displayed on the screen will be suitable for all young users.

Friendly interface, suitable for children

The interface is an integral part of YouTube Kids because it needs to be simple for kids to use. This application has really done that when it comes to providing a simple, easy-to-use experience. Typically, the main categories will have 4 categories including Show, Music, Learning, and Discovery. Thanks to that, children can quickly click on each item to quickly find their favorite video immediately. In general, complex tools are replaced by larger, simpler function keys.

Take control of your video viewing experience

Parents can control their child’s use of YouTube Kids through a variety of tools. This makes a lot of sense because you can’t let your child watch the video continuously without your presence. Here are some of the controls most used by people:

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Limit usage time: After customizing the usage time, the application will automatically close at the end of the specified time. With the time allowed, children will focus on watching useful videos and skip videos with boring content.

Review history: Of course, you need to know what videos your child has used YouTube Kids to watch. From there, better understand the needs and interests of the child to come up with appropriate solutions.

Flag: This feature allows users to report inappropriate content on YouTube Kids. Then, the flagged videos will be reviewed, if there is enough evidence they will be removed from the platform immediately.

Block: You can use this feature to block videos or entire channels that you feel are inappropriate.

How to install YouTube Kids

Step 1: Uninstall Google Play if you installed it before. Then proceed to install the original APK version at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Tap install.

Step 3: The icon of the application will appear with the words “YouTube Kids by MODDED-1.COM”.

Note: If you have any questions during the download and installation process, you can comment below this article for our immediate support.

Download YouTube Kids APK for Android

In general, the appearance of YouTube Kids will help children access videos with more relevant content. This application comes with features to assist parents in controlling their child’s video viewing. Along with that is a diverse content store that is regularly updated, all of which have undergone a rigorous censorship process before being displayed to viewers.

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