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Helio Games
Update OnDecember 17, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Mutiny: Pirate Survival MOD APK is a fairly new survival product from publisher Helio Games. Currently, this game is in the coming soon process, will soon be available on Google Play and App Store. Now, everyone is invited to go find out details about this game.

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Introduce about Mutiny: Pirate Survival

download mutiny pirate survival

Mutiny: Pirate Survival is a new game inspired by the theme of human survival in the post-apocalyptic era. Although the content is familiar and old, the different implementation of the storyline along with new features will make this game more engaging than ever. Besides, the most notable is graphic and sound elements. The images in the game are sharp and smooth on the mobile platform, contributing to a high-quality experience that any gamer would expect. So, do not hesitate to download Mutiny: Pirate Survival (APK & MOD) right now to enjoy exciting and challenging adventures.


Join the game Mutiny: Pirate Survival, players will become one of the sailors who are trapped on a remote island after a storm. Here, there is nothing available to help feed you such as food, clean drinking water, weapons, tools. Therefore, you will do it yourself or combine with a few friends on the same train to search for tools, food, and build the shelter. Moreover, you also have to make your own weapons to protect yourself from attacks from wild beasts or reluctant bandits. Moreover, can you survive like pirates in the Caribe?

Besides the aforementioned works, do not forget to repair and rebuild your ship. There are many different places you need to go there to find and valuable items. Therefore, ensure the safety of every trip with a solid ship. Players can become captain of a group of sailors to order and assign tasks to each person. If the coordination works well, you can speed up the game.


download mutiny pirate survival mod menu

There are quite a few function buttons on the screen interface of Mutiny: Pirate Survival games. Typically use an ax, use a bomb, walk, backpack, make weapons. Besides, it is indispensable to have a set of multi-dimensional keys on the left side of the screen to control the character’s direction of movement. In addition, in the upper right corner of the screen, there is a small map showing the player’s current position, and it also helps them observe the surrounding terrain easily. In particular, on long trips to new lands, maps are important for determining the direction of travel and the way back home.

Challenges and dangers

To survive in Mutiny: Pirate Survival, it’s really not easy for new players. As a captain, the player needs to know how to calculate and arrange the work properly to speed up the process without wasting resources. Moreover, if you use food, water, and ammunition inappropriately, your life will be more fragile than ever. Because you cannot live if you are hungry or thirsty, you could even be killed at any time by other online players in the game or by ferocious beasts. A wise survival strategy is always a matter for every player in Mutiny: Pirate Survival.


Mutiny: Pirate Survival offers an extremely rich collection of costumes, accessories, and weapons so that players can easily turn their character into a true pirate. Typical examples are pirate clothes, cowboy hats, leather shoes, pistols, knives, grenades, and more. To own them, you need to pay gold coins or collect them during trips. I think you should save money to buy some luxury outfits because this will help you feel more excited during the experience.

Graphics and Sound

The game Mutiny: Pirate Survival possesses extremely advanced graphics, helping to recreate the vast and realistic pirate world right on the phone screen. From the context of the game on the pristine islands to the shipwrecks or the image of the pirates are described in great detail.

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Besides, the sound is also a commendable point of this game. You can hear the sound of waves crashing, cutting trees, digging, every time the character performs an activity. It creates feelings for players as if they are experiencing a real sense of survival. Despite owning high graphics, but the game does not require high configuration equipment to run smoothly. It has been optimized for popular phones.

How to install Mutiny: Pirate Survival

Step 1: Click the link below this article to download Mutiny: Pirate Survival (OBB & APK).

Step 2: Allow the device to install and run apps with sources other than Google Play or the App Store.

Step 3: Click on the game and select “Install”.

Note: For the version containing the OBB File, extract and move file “com.heliogames.pirates” to the Android/Obb directory.

Step 4: The installation is quick and the player can enjoy it right after.

Download Mutiny: Pirate Survival MOD APK for Android

If you are a fan of the survival adventure game series, Mutiny: Pirate Survival is an option not to be missed. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to experience distant trips to pristine islands to explore and exploit resources, or experience simple jobs such as felling trees, digging soil, building houses, creating weapons. At the same time, also contributes to helping experienced players in associating with those around to work effectively. Solidarity is always more productive than working alone. Enjoy all of that now.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • One Hit Skill
  • Free Craft
  • Free Build
  • Free Split
  • Max Durability


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