Prey Day 15.3.05 APK + MOD [Immortality] Download for Android

Update OnJune 26, 2022
MOD FeaturesImmortality
Category Survival Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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How to survive in the world of zombies? Join Prey Day now to enjoy the fiercest survival battles and give answers to your destiny. Note, the MOD + APK version of the game is available at MODDED-1.

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Introduce about Prey Day

In recent years, zombies have been the hottest topic that many game publishers exploit in games in the genre of survival combined with FPS. And Prey Day is a survival game from publisher GreenPixel worth experiencing during the COVID-19 epidemic season. In addition to the attractive content and typical survival gameplay, this game also possesses high-end graphics, diverse game modes, rich missions, and many new mechanics.

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Living in a world full of zombies, players have only two options: fight to the end to survive or become one of the barbaric corpses. Of course, everyone wants to survive, but not everyone can overcome all the challenges to protect their own lives. Therefore, promises to provide a perfect experience that every gamer should not ignore.


In 2003, a terrible pandemic happened to all mankind. Viruses that carry the pathogen are multiplying and spread rapidly from person to person through bloodthirsty zombies. Just like that, soon, people are almost turned into zombies and this threatens the survival of all humans. The world is in chaos, the rest of the people lose faith, and many other negative problems are happening. However, among the rest, a few people stood up to fight with their abilities. Use guns, knives, bombs, bullets, or whatever, as long as you can kill hordes of zombies. Remember, this is a battle of life and death, there is no mercy, and don’t trust anyone easily.


In Prey Day, each player’s task is to find a way to stay alive as long as possible. Pay attention to two important indicators, which are hunger and thirst. If you want to live, first of all, the player needs to try to gather the necessary food and water. They appear scattered all over the streets of the city, but you need to hurry up if you do not want them stolen. In addition, the game also provides some necessary weapons for players to fight zombies in reluctant battles. At the same time, they can also build a solid base to hide at night when the zombie army is stronger than ever.

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However, the player cannot fight alone forever. Joining a large number of resistance forces will increase your chances of survival. When zombies have occupied most of the city, from hospitals, buildings, hotels, players should choose to ally with everyone to fight and protect a few remaining places. However, not everyone is reliable to make friends and accompany them. Sometimes people will kill you to steal their life necessities. This is normal.


Prey Day is equipped with two main control mechanisms: the multi-dimensional keypad in the left corner of the screen used to move the character, and the important function buttons on the right to help control basic operations. The main activities in the game include shooting, punching, collecting items, jumping, driving, and they will be displayed by icons on the screen interface. In general, it will not be difficult to get access and master the controls in the game. In addition, the perspective of the game is top-down, provides a vast sweeping perspective so that players can easily observe the entire map, avoiding being ambushed by zombie corps.

Explore new areas

Players can move anywhere in Prey Day to find and collect necessary items. At the same time, in each different area, the player can meet many other characters and other enemies. Explore their story to find out all the mysteries in the game. However, remember to secure your life before you want to see more things. Furthermore, you should also return to your base camp before night falls.


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As introduced, Prey Day is a game that owns a high-end graphics platform. It helps represent the context, content, and character images in the game clearly and honestly. The combat effects, character activities, transition scenes, are quite smooth on the mobile platform. In general, the graphics of this game will not make you feel disappointed because it is quite outstanding compared to the games of the same genre. Also, I would like to take a look at the sound in the game. Not only the vibrant background music, but the game also shows well the noises from the actions of the characters such as shooting, running, screaming. This contributes to creating a realistic experience to help gamers feel deeply about Prey Day’s content.

How to install Prey Day

Although Prey Day is currently available on Google Play, players should download the game here to enjoy the great MOD features introduced above. The way to install it is quite simple, only 3 steps:

Step 1: Download the MOD or APK file of Prey Day.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, go to mobile “Settings”, search for game information, go to “Advanced” and turn on the feature that allows drawing on unknown apps. It ensures that the MOD works on your device.

Step 3: Turn on the game, log in, or register your account and play it right after that.

Download Prey Day MOD APK for Android

If you love the FPS game genre with horror elements, Prey Day is a perfect choice. Owns an eye-catching design interface, clear audio, high-quality images, and many new features. Hence, this is definitely an exciting and engaging experience worth playing in the present. Download the game here and enjoy the surreal survival game. It is the perfect place to test your survival.

MOD Features:

  • Immortality


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