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BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK is the PUBG Mobile version exclusively for the Indian market since the ban from the government. Currently, you can download and experience this game right at our website MODDED-1.COM. First, let’s learn a few things about this game.

Note: You can also refer to some other survival games on our websites such as Fortnite or Apex Legends Mobile.


BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA – The pinnacle of survival game on mobile platforms

On market, there are many games that copy ideas from famous survival products like PUBG Mobile. But players in India are still waiting for the day when this game returns to them after the ban from the government. In response to the above wish, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA from publisher KRAFTON has been officially released version BETA on Google Play.

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Basically, it is an optimized version, similar to the global version of PUGB Mobile. The promises to give you a sense of enjoyment during the experience. This means that players in India will not need fake IP addresses to be able to play games on other servers. They can play games right in their own country with the best features and the most stable connection.

Familiar battlefield

In normal survival games, the player’s task is to become the last survivor in each war. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is no exception. You will be taken to a deserted island to start the battle for survival with other players around the world.

Before the start of the battle, all players will come to the game’s practice area to quickly familiarize themselves with the controls that the game offers. In other words, this is a method the game offers so that you can wait for other players to join the fight without wasting your time. After a certain amount of time, the battle will be started with your participation along with other players around the world.

In general, the battlefield in the game is extremely familiar to those who love the traditional survival game series. Besides, new battlefields were also built such as Paraty, Welad, Bakrol, to better suit India.

The control system is fine-tuned

The next highlight from BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is that the control system in the game has changed quite a bit in terms of visuals. The virtual buttons will be designed very simply along with the symbols integrated relatively intuitively. Thereby, helping you not to have too many difficulties in the first time experiencing the game. If you have ever enjoyed games of the same genre, it will be easy to master in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

Many attractive modes

At the present time, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA gives players 3 main game modes: Battle Royale, Team Battle, and Zombies. Of course, these game modes still revolve around the player’s survival when enjoying the game.

download battlegrounds mobile india apk

With Battle Royale, you will be participating in the battle for survival with other players around the world. You need to move constantly to collect weapons that appear randomly on the map and defeat other opponents with accurate shots. Look for weapons quickly if you don’t want to be defeated quickly. Note, you will be completely alone in this game mode. Therefore, everyone in the fight is your opponent.

Team Battle is the same, its operation is similar to the Battle Royale mode. The only difference is that you will join your teammates in this fierce battle. So you need to coordinate well with them to destroy the opponent in the shortest possible time. This is a mode that requires very high teamwork. So you need to support your teammates in critical situations if you want to win.

As for Zombies mode, we will not analyze too much because this will affect the surprise that BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA gives players.

Change of clothes

Just like other games of the same genre, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA allows players to easily customize their character’s costume easily. You can use the money you earn through each battle to buy your favorite items. Please alternately change the costume for the character so that you do not get bored when enjoying the game for a long time.

The right graphics settings

The final highlight from BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is the quality of graphics. The game owns a beautiful 3D graphics style along with advanced Unreal Engine 4 technology. Therefore, the survival battles in the game will be reproduced extremely realistically right on the experience screen. In addition, the color system in the game has an extremely reasonable way to create fierce battles but no less vivid.

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This game also gives players a lot of choices in terms of graphics. Therefore, you can customize the graphics quality to suit your device configuration to minimize lag when experiencing.


Step 1: Requires you to download the exclusive BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (Original APK) version available at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Proceed to open unknown settings on Android device. Allow the game “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA” to access your phone.

Step 3: Open the file BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA_modded-1.com.apk. Select install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions, wait for 100% completion of the installation process.

Note: If you install “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA” get any error. Please contact us at the bottom of the article.


This game has really changed a lot compared to the survival games in the present time. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA gives players less violent battles thanks to extremely vivid image quality, which will make it suitable for many ages of players.

MOD Feature:

  • Coming Soon

Note: BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA is now open to register to experience the official BETA version. We will update the game’s APK file as soon as possible.


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