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NEW STATE APK Mobile APK is the latest version of PUBG and will be officially released on mobile shortly. This will be PUBG’s most significant innovation ever, promises great things like never before. Join us to explore it now.

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Introduce about NEW STATE Mobile

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is the most famous survival game from Tencent Games. This game is not only popular on both mobile platforms, PC, and many other platforms. However, because it has been born for a long time, at the present time, it cannot compete with new survival games with many attractive and new features. Realizing this, the publisher KRAFTON decided to renew their “pet” and released the next version of PUBG – NEW STATE Mobile (A version set in the future 2051 year).

So NEW STATE Mobile is different from PUBG?

+) NEW STATE Mobile differs from its old version in the game context. This new game is set in a future time, 2051. With a 30-year jump, there will certainly be many new things that players have never tried in PUBG or any other survival game. Buildings, vehicles, weapons, items, are also improved both in appearance and capacity.

+) What makes the biggest difference between NEW STATE Mobile is the graphics. According to the publisher KRAFTON, this new game has graphics quality that surpasses the normal gaming standards on mobile. Therefore, it is a next-generation mobile game with the most advanced graphics that can still run smoothly on the phone.

Note: This new game also brings other new things in the character system, controls, maps, and possesses many interesting features never before. Experience this for yourself as soon as NEW STATE Mobile is available on Google Play and the App Store.


download pubg new state

NEW STATE Mobile retains the old gameplay of PUBG because this is the factor that makes its reputation up to the present time. It still offers intense survival battles between 100 players and utilizes the Blue Zone’s narrowing mechanics. Each player participating in the match must try to compete with other players for the last chance of survival. Only one person becomes a champion, and loneliness is probably the price to pay for glory.


Starting the game, you will also see other players gathered in the lobby. After that, a plane will carry all players to a new land. This is the place to start the war of survival that anyone would expect. Landing in a crowded location or a large construction so you can pick up a variety of weapons and valuable items. However, you will also meet many other competitors. Observe closely around and listen for enemy footsteps to escape or ambush.

Game mode

In addition to the classic survival mode, NEW STATE Mobile also brings two more interesting modes, which are Arcade and Arena. In Arcade mode, players will participate in a multiplayer match and have to beat them to score. Each kill is a plus, and players can revive infinitely on a game screen until the end of the match. That’s what you need to know about this mode.

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With Arena mode, it includes many different settings, like Gun Game, Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Assault. Basically, the gameplay of each setting is not much different from the classic model. However, they offer more interesting features or have specific requirements for all players. Explore them for yourself when you play NEW STATE Mobile.

Weapons and vehicles

The weapon and vehicle system in this game has been upgraded compared to the old version. While players will also see the names of familiar guns, the mechanics of the gun may have been changed. The innovation can come from their rate of fire, recoil, range, or from their appearance. The vehicles also returned with a more eye-catching appearance. They carry the modern style of the future generation, and at the same time, their motivational power is also more powerful. In particular, in NEW STATE Mobile, you can see Unmanned aircraft.

Control and maps

Not too hard to master the NEW STATE Mobile controls, because it’s still almost the same as the old version. The left side of the screen is still a multidimensional button to move the character, and to the right of the screen are important buttons such as the button to shoot, stand, sit, lie, aim. Also, at the bottom of the screen, it displays the weapons used, the helmet, armor protection abilities, and HP. Everything is very familiar.

download pubg new state mod apk

The map is completely revamped to catch up with the scene after 30 years. With many new changes such as: (Terrain, resources, weapons, equipment, characters). So you will definitely feel strange about this change. But don’t worry, you will get used to them soon!

High-quality graphics

As mentioned in the first part, this game owns an advanced graphics platform thanks to Global Illumination technology. So it easily brings a large and authentic open world so that players can experience the perfect Battle Royale on mobile. The locations on the map are inspired by the real world, the visuals and effects in the game are really sharp and smooth. In general, the graphics are probably the point that makes many players feel most curious and expected in NEW STATE Mobile.

Many special events of the month

NEW STATE Mobile is exactly the same as PUBG, this game regularly hosts monthly events. Events bring in quite a few unique resources and items. This will increase player competitiveness and could stimulate a large number of players globally.

How to install NEW STATE Mobile

Step 1: Progress registration here: Click!

Step 2: Visit the Email you registered to receive the original APK version of NEW STATE Mobile.

Step 3: Open settings on phone.

Step 4: Tap install.

Step 5: Follow the instructions.

Download NEW STATE Mobile APK for Android

A context of the future world unfolds before the player’s eyes in the game NEW STATE Mobile. It promises to be the most dramatic battlefield for survival but equally beautiful and authentic. The game with old survival gameplay brings freshness in content, context, features, and graphics. Therefore, it is predicted to become one of the most prominent names in the near future. Do you have expectations for it? If yes, please visit our website regularly for the latest information about this game.

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