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Gaggle Studios, Inc.
Update OnFebruary 3, 2023
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Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Want to find a new experience with fun puzzle gameplay similar to Among Us? We have a great suggestion for you, Goose Goose Duck. Don’t miss it to participate in extremely funny but dramatic reasoning puzzles. You can be anyone and have your own quests to complete before time runs out.

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Introduce about Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck – Free fun strategy game best 2022

Goose Goose Duck is a new game from the publisher Gaggle Studios, which was first released in April 2022. It is built on the same social reasoning gameplay Among Us, the game used to be. stormed the world gaming community not long ago. However, it offers a different experience with new character images and great sound quality, graphics, maps. So it promises to bring new inspiration to Among Us fans and make this game genre resurgent again.

Goose Goose Duck

Currently, Goose Goose Duck is available on many different platforms such as Android, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS. Besides, the game is released for free to install and play on any device. Therefore, gamers can easily access this game right now on Google Play, App Store, or here. We share the APK and MOD files of the game for free for you at the link at the end of the article. Don’t miss it on your phone.

Will are you a goose or a duck?

Joining the game, players will enter tough reasoning puzzles with 15 other online players. Here, each player will have a separate role of the goose or duck faction. Each role will receive its own mission, and each person’s goal is to complete the mission before being finished by the opponent. This gameplay is very familiar, right? You’ll quickly reach it if you’ve played Among Us or similar games.

The role of each player is randomly assigned. If you are one of the geese, you must find a way to get rid of the fake ducks. On the contrary, if you are one of the ducks, your task is to find a way to destroy the geese to win. So how would you do that?

Gamers will participate in levels where they have two main tasks, puzzles and deductions. There are many tasks to complete such as repairing machines, arranging pictures, finding objects, and every once in a while, everyone will have a discussion. Here, each player will give their opinion to decide to remove a certain member. So if you’re a goose, you have to try to convince other people not to get fired. Meanwhile, if you are a duck, try to fool others and hide your fake. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Diverse role system

download goose goose duck mod

Different from the old games, Goose Goose Duck offers an extremely rich character role system. The character system consists of 2 main factions, geese and ducks, as we mentioned above. However, inside each faction there will be many other roles, such as zombie duck, police goose, scavenger duck, detective, bodyguard, spy, assassination duck, transforming duck. Besides, there is also a neutral faction of Dodo birds, vultures, pigeons, falcons,…

The tasks of each role are different according to the skills assigned. For example, police geese can kill anyone except their fellow geese, bodyguards will have to protect someone and get a bonus at the end of the game, cannibal ducks can eat corpses of other animals… However, the characters must perform their skills in secret if they don’t want to be discovered. Therefore, gamers need to consider the situation and have a reasonable strategy.

Maps and game modes

Goose Goose Duck offers more than 4 different maps, including S.S. Mothership, Nexus Colony, Black Swan, and Mallard Manor. Each map will have its own context and unique design style. In addition, gamers also have many options to customize the character to suit the style of each map. So unleash your creativity to make your character stand out with hats, shirts, pets, and more.

Besides, the game also has 5 game modes, which are Classic, Trick or Treat, Classic +, Dine & Dash, and Goose Hunt. In each mode, the task of the gamer is different, but the social element is always highlighted through the dialogue. This is an opportunity to socialize with your friends and many other players with similar interests. It will be great for your breaks.

Lovely graphics

download goose goose duck apk

The image in Goose Goose Duck can make gamers enjoy right from the first time playing. It has a funny cartoon style both in appearance and the actions and expressions of the character. Besides, the background is very diverse and colorful. The sound is clear, the effects are vivid, and many other great features. They will contribute to the most unforgettable experience on your phone.

How to install Goose Goose Duck

Step 1: You can download the version (APK or MOD) of Goose Goose Duck developed exclusively at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Open Settings on your device and enable unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the file Goose Goose Duck_MOD_modded-1.com.apk and install.

Step 4: Open the game when you install it completely and enjoy it for free.

Download Goose Goose Duck APK for Android

Don’t miss the Goose Goose Duck as it is the most unforgettable experience. Play as your goose or duck, and take part in a thrilling deductive puzzle. Can you successfully complete your mission? The answer will be right now when you download the game and play it. Show off your reasoning skills to knock your opponents out in these exciting online multiplayer discussions.

Features MOD:

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