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FunPlus International
Update OnDecember 1, 2022
Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Join the State of Survival now to challenge yourself in exciting tactical missions. The zombies pandemic is destroying the civilization of every nation and threatening the lives of people. So what will you do to survive and protect the rest? That is the question that you have to answer in this game.

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Introduce about State of Survival

State of Survival – Hot name in the entertainment world

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State of Survival is a game from publisher FunPlus International and recently launched on the mobile platform. The game is set in a zombies epidemic in a future human world – a classic setting in most current survival games. However, this game has successfully portrayed the never-ending war of people in the chaotic world to show their strong vitality and unwavering faith against bloodthirsty zombies. This is something that not every game can do as well as the State of Survival. Besides the humanistic element that this game brings, its graphics, sound, character system, also leave a good impression on gamers.

The most important thing is survival

Faced with an epidemic of zombies, the government and army had to retreat to underground bases. There are only a few survivors on the ground who must fight every day for survival. Now, money, love, or power are all meaningless. Only your life and everyone else’s is the most important.

Start the game with a gloomy background but somewhere there is still a breath of life emerging from residential buildings. A group of hardworking people is working day and night to produce food and train to be ready for battle at all times. And what they need right now is a commander who is able to lead people through challenges to break boundaries and transcend the outer space of the world. You are the chosen one. So can you do it in the State of Survival?

Leadership and decision making

download state of survival apk

As a leader, the player is responsible for planning and leading everyone on the long road to re-establish social order. In the beginning, they only had a narrow space as a base, but they were able to expand and upgrade it with the power of the people. Every activity from farming, cultivating troops, saving people, and upgrading bases require players to care and make decisions. The people will carry out every command and put their lives in the hands of the commander, so you must be a wise and courageous leader. Everyone’s survival depends on you.

Fighting is essential

In the early stages, the player’s life seems to be quite peaceful with simple construction, saving, training, and upgrading jobs. However, when their army becomes strong, players need to think about fighting the zombie army. Fighting helps them expand their base, find valuable resources, and recruit more special warriors. Players will lead an army of archers, snipers, melee warriors, or motorcyclists, and send them to the battlefield. An expedition takes place and you can profit a lot.

Important projects

Besides a long-term strategy, players also often have important projects. These projects should be carried out by a team of elite warriors. They will have to go beyond the borders to find information to support the finding of the optimal remedy against zombies. Their actions may be obstructed by nearby zombies, so prepare a reasonable battle plan, combining both defense and attack.

Leading the elite army will be people with skillful skills and smart strategic thinking. He/she will help you run projects and order people to do them. You can also communicate with him/her to monitor all activities in the army.

Various characters

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The State of Survival possesses a very unique character system that can surprise you from the first time you play. It includes both male and female characters with diverse looks, realistic expressions, and smooth movements. Players will receive a few characters at the beginning, which can be a sexy female warrior or a female archer accompanied by a mighty Pitbull dog. Later, when entering a certain level, the player also receives many other characters, with special skill sets. In addition, they can be upgraded to increase attack and defense stats.

Realistic 3D graphics

Not inferior to other survival games of the same genre, State of Survival possesses an extremely realistic 3D graphics platform with smooth motion effects. The image of the character, the context in the game are depicted as sharp, thorough, and have a unique style. Besides, the control system is quite flexible and smooth on the mobile platform. The game rarely has lag situations even though it possesses high-quality graphics. With all of this, State of Survival deserves to be one of the most prominent names in the tactical survival genre today.

New update in State of Survival

Version 1.18.0

Christmas Party:

  • Christmas Sign-in – Sign in daily to claim the Christmas special Rewards for free!
  • Community – Participate in a variety of community events and win great Rewards!
  • Christmas Tree Decoration – Set up our own Christmas tree!

There are also special events for each stage:

  • Stage 1: Christmas Sonata
  • Stage 2: Christmas Contest
  • Stage 3: Doomsday Party

How to install State of Survival

Step 1: Download the version (Original APK or MOD) of State of Survival exclusively at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file State of Survival_MOD_modded-1.com.apk to open it and proceed with the game installation process. This process usually takes less than 1 minute.

Step 3: The game icon will appear on the phone screen as soon as the installation is complete. Players just need to click on it to launch and play right away.

Download State of Survival MOD APK for Android

Why should you play the State of Survival? Simply because it is a perfect game to play on mobile at the moment. Not only has the unique gameplay and humanistic storyline, but the game also offers a diverse character system and high-quality graphics platform. Not only that but it is also optimized to fit the mobile platform, providing a seamless and smooth experience for every player. A long war has really begun, are you brave enough to join it?

Features MOD:

  • God Mod
  • One Hit Skill
  • Damage Multiplay


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