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Update OnJanuary 18, 2023
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It’s time to show the world your leadership talent in Conflict of Nations APK. This is a strategy game inspired by World War 3, where players will be engaged in uncompromising battles for power. Choose your favorite country and start fighting in awe-inspiring wars.

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Introduce about Conflict of Nations

Conflict of Nations – Strategy game that brings players to the third world war

Conflict of Nations

The battles between world powers always give players a lot of impressions. It is also a resource exploited by many game publishers in their strategy games. Conflict of Nations is no exception. This is a strategy game that allows players to enjoy the third world war.

Accordingly, the player will become the leader of one of the greatest powers in the world. Your task is to come up with effective battle strategies in each battle to help your country become stronger and stronger. Moreover, the publisher Dorado Games / DOG Productions Ltd has added a lot of different elements to make your experience more enjoyable than ever. Download this game through Google Play to learn more.

Control and develop the mighty nation

Initially, players will start the game by choosing for themselves the most suitable country. You can choose from the US, UK, France, China, and more. Each country has its own outstanding military and economic characteristics, so you need to consider them carefully before deciding to choose. After successful selection, it is also time that you will have to manage all activities related to your country.

This includes the conquest of resources, alliance building, economic consolidation, military development, and more. Remember that this game always contains threats related to the third world war. Therefore, you need to ensure that your military force is always full to be ready for the fiercest battles.

Join strategic wars

Strategic wars with high economic losses are inevitable in the Conflict of Nations. Conflicts between nations need to be resolved on the battlefield where the strongest military force will win. This game offers the player a multitude of units and vehicles to choose from in battles.

Basically, you will need a lot of factors if you want to assert yourself as the best player in epic battles. Specifically, the advice for players is to carefully study the enemy’s situation, thereby deciding which type of soldiers to send to fight. Each unit will be effective in different combat conditions, so you need to make the most effective choices.

Countless units and combat vehicles

Numerous combat units are integrated into the Conflict of Nations to make military battles more engaging and diverse than ever before. More than 350 different units of soldiers of many different fighting doctrines from the West, Europe, and the East will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. In addition, players can also use nuclear weapons and chemical weapons to increase the odds of winning in battles. Capabilities such as stealth, radar, and missiles will help you fight effectively on a variety of terrains.

Large scale battles

Basically, the battles in the Conflict of Nations are on a very large scale and are also a gathering place for many players around the world. More specifically, you can face more than 100 human opponents in each match. This makes the competition in this game really high, just a small mistake or miscalculation is enough to make you lose. Take part in an extremely realistic real-time simulated military war that this game brings right now. The top position on the leaderboard is only for the best, do whatever it takes to win.

Nice cartoon graphics

Conflict of Nations possesses beautiful graphics quality through visual details displayed on the screen. Thanks to that, players can somewhat feel the vividness of the fascinating military battles that this game brings. The technology and military equipment in the game are simulated extremely realistically, promising to bring you unforgettable experiences. At the same time, the sound system will also recreate the heroic atmosphere in uncompromising battles.

How to install Conflict of Nations

Step 1: Download the APK version of Conflict of Nations released at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android phone, enable “unknown sources” to allow the “Conflict of Nations” APK to be installed.

Step 3: Open the file Conflict of Nations_modded-1.com.apk. Click Install.

Step 4: Complete the installation, on your phone screen will appear the logo of the game. Just tap to open and play it.

Download Conflict of Nations APK for Android

Enter the battles of the third world war and test your leadership skills now. Accordingly, players will also perform basic steps as if they were fighting in real life in this game. If you are looking for a strategy game with elements of modern warfare, Conflict of Nations is an extremely suitable choice for you.

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