The Muscle Hustle 2.6.6528 APK + MOD [1 Hit Kill/Dumb Enemy] Download

Dandio Games
Update OnMarch 13, 2023
MOD Features1 Hit Kill, Dumb Enemy
Category Sports Games
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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  • 1 Hit Kill
  • Dumb Enemy
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The Muscle Hustle MOD APK is a wrestling-themed game with a difference in operating mechanism. This means that this game is not built in the usual fighting style, instead, players will play wrestling by shooting billiards. If you find it interesting, please refer to this article to better understand this game.

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Introduce about The Muscle Hustle

The Muscle Hustle – Wrestling fights in a whole new way

Wrestling is not a strange sport for each of us. This is a sport of strength, where participants must possess good health and a standard appearance if they want to defeat their opponents. When it comes to wrestling, we always think of traditional fighting games. But have you ever thought about discovering a whole new wrestling game?

Join The Muscle Hustle, players will realize the unique point of operation from the first time. This game revolves around huge arenas where the best wrestlers from all over the world compete against each other. Publisher Dandio Games has customized the gameplay of this game to make it different from the rest. Thanks to that, it has quickly received more than 1 million installs along with 4.6 ratings on Google Play.

Interesting mechanics

Instead of participating in 1vs1 matches like games of the same genre, The Muscle Hustle gives players a whole new context. Of course, you will still see arenas filled with spectators along with logos of famous wrestlers. Instead, the wrestlers will be replaced with pieces on the screen, and you will perform the operation of shooting the pieces to damage the opponent. Each shot will deal a certain amount of damage, and so on until one of the two sides loses all the pieces on the field.

As mentioned, the wrestlers available in the game have outstanding health, they have been trained through a lot of specific training courses. Therefore, any wrestler is ready to knock down his opponent in an instant thanks to his superior physique. In fact, the new player is the key point that determines the outcome of the matches in the game. Your only task is to perform precise aiming maneuvers to optimize the power in each attack.

Competitive PvP Battles

There are quite a few game modes that players can choose from during The Muscle Hustle experience. But in our opinion, the PvP mode will be the most popular model. Here, you will have the opportunity to compete with other opponents around the world. They are all talented coaches, along with possessing powerful wrestling cards with high stats. This is the time when you need to show your talent, namely launch accurate shots to defeat the opponent.

After winning the PvP matches, you will receive well-deserved rewards and noble titles. Besides, a combo mechanism is also available in this game, you can create combos continuously to make the opponent team lose instantly. Typically, taking advantage of the terrain factor to push the opponent into corners to optimize the power of each skill. This means that the opponent will have to suffer more attacks in a turn.

Hundreds of different wrestlers

Collecting the strongest wrestlers from the hundreds of characters available in The Muscle Hustle will make you a talented trainer in no time. Not everyone has the opportunity to work with famous wrestlers around the world because they need not only money but also titles and fame. You need to do everything you can to help the wrestlers in your team develop to the maximum through the available upgrades. When upgrading, their appearance and stats will also change immediately, which will definitely make you feel interesting.

Impressive graphic design

The Muscle Hustle not only possesses unique gameplay, but the way the game’s graphics develop also makes us feel very surprised. More specifically, all the wrestlers in the game have a rather special design. They look very large with confident faces. This is quite true because wrestlers must be people with different looks and strengths. Besides, the fighting skills of the characters also bring a lot of beautiful effects that promise to increase the fun when playing.

How to install The Muscle Hustle

Step 1: Download the APK or MOD version of The Muscle Hustle from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources installation on your Android phone.

Step 3: Click install, follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Step 4: Click on the game’s icon for a quick experience.

Download The Muscle Hustle MOD APK for Android

The excitement of The Muscle Hustle is reflected in so many different aspects that we cannot fully cover in the scope of one article. This game is really a suitable choice for players who love different gameplay compared to products of the same genre on the game market. Try downloading this game via the APK link below to experience it right now.


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