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Update OnDecember 22, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Mini Basketball MOD APK is a fun-style basketball simulation game. It’s easy to play and lovely but also challenging as you will compete against real players worldwide. It’s time to create and manage your squad to enter the biggest basketball tournaments on the planet.

Note: Many other basketball games are available on Modded-1 such as Basket Battle and NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball.

Introduce about Mini Basketball

Mini Basketball – Fun basketball gameplay exclusively for mobile

This game brings basketball gameplay closer to every player. It will give you a new basketball experience like never before while still enjoying the typical basketball gameplay. Besides, it doesn’t take up to a minute for gamers to find an opponent and compete against them. And they can participate in a leaderboard sprint where only the most talented basketball coaches are available. This game is not only a simulator that allows you to play basketball but it also has a management element. Gamers can be both professional basketball players, coaches, and owners of the basketball team of their dreams.

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Manage your mini basketball team

The game offers a unique mission system to help gamers approach its gameplay from the simplest of challenges. But besides the daily missions, gamers can find super big promotion tournaments from Brass League to All-Stars League and more. They can compete and receive rewards from daily quests or pit against real players for promotion. Either way, the professional arenas with lively cheers will make you unable to stop. Show your basketball strategy to conquer every tournament and bring your team to glory.

To participate in tournaments, gamers need to prepare a perfect squad, of course. They can recruit basketball stars from all over the world and arrange them in the lineup. What is your favorite strategy style? Arrange the players on the field in your way to beat your opponents and make the audience cheer with admiration. Each match will take place at a certain time and usually has 3 rounds. Gamers need to reach 3 points before their opponents to win spectacularly. The rules and regulations of the game are the same as in traditional basketball.

The simple and accessible control mechanism

Besides the strategic management element, the game is also a casual basketball simulator. Thanks to that, gamers can participate in matches like real basketball players. They will personally control every athlete on the field and perform basic skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting the ball into the basket. To move the players, just use the joystick on the left side of the screen. At the same time, gamers only need to click virtual buttons to perform skills. But the important thing is how to combine operations to gain an advantage over the opponent.

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Gamers need to move wisely to steal the ball from the opponent or trap the opponent, then pass the ball to a teammate or immediately make a perfect throw and score. If in a situation where the ball is stolen, gamers need to organize a defense plan. They will need players who are big and quick to block the pitch or players who can steal the ball with some fake moves. Everything is no different from the actual basketball gameplay. Matches are played on a horizontal screen in a top-down view. So Mini Basketball is really a great place to enjoy the game of basketball.

Customize and upgrade with a variety of unique items

There are more than 400 unique items that you can collect throughout the experience here. They can be jerseys, shorts, shoes, and more. Gamers can unlock unique combo items to customize each player in the squad. Moreover, they will need new balls for new matches to feel the difference. In addition, the upgrade element is necessary to take your team far. Don’t miss out on upgrading individual players, unlocking new skills, rotating positions in the squad, and more.

Funny cartoon graphic style

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Different from many normal basketball simulation games, this game impresses with a fun cartoon graphic style. It vividly depicts basketball players in chibi shape. However, they still keep their super cool appearance like famous basketball players in real life. Skill manipulation on the field is also very smooth. Background music and authentic cheers also contribute to the heat of every match.

How to install Mini Basketball

Step 1: Download Mini Basketball MOD APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Select the downloaded file and select “Install” to install it on your phone.

Step 3: Please agree to the requirements asked during the installation process.

Step 4: After completing the installation, you can open the game and enjoy it.

Download Mini Basketball MOD APK for Android

If you are a big fan of basketball but are looking for something new, Mini Basketball is always the best choice for you. It has everything you need for a basketball simulation experience. You can become a coach with the task of creating, customizing, and managing your basketball team. Moreover, you have control over the players in the match to enjoy the traditional basketball gameplay.

Features MOD:

  • Speed Multiplier
  • Dumb Enemies


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