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Update OnMarch 16, 2023
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Show off your ultimate skateboarding skills in Flip Skater MOD APK by traversing the winding ramps like a real athlete. In this game, your task is to control the characters who love skateboarding on the streets in many different locations. The combination of controls and physics will give you a lot of challenges.

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Introduce about Flip Skater

Flip Skater – Exciting skateboarding-inspired sports game

Flip Skater

Flip Skater gives players skateboarding challenges from simple to complex. Here, you will have to show full ingenuity, passion as well as advanced skills to conquer all available challenges. The journey of training to become a true skater is fully described in this game by the publisher Miniclip.com.

Accordingly, you need to perform the technique of flipping the board, turning the board, and more to optimize the score received. Of course, you are free to express your personality and style when skateboarding, but it takes the right strategy to conquer any challenge. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, we believe this game is enough to make a strong first impression on you.

Discover skateboarding techniques

Although it has been minimized during skateboarding, Flip Skater still requires players to spend a certain amount of time getting used to the whole technique. Each skateboarding technique in the game will have its own movements. Therefore, you need to choose the most appropriate techniques in each stage to optimize the score achieved.

More specifically, players will quickly notice the appearance of a variety of different skateboarding techniques appearing on the screen. You can combine techniques together and properly time them to ensure perfection during the skateboarding process. Making more combos in the contests will bring more scores. Choose your favorite skateboard to start the skateboarding activities in this game right away.

Discover new skate locations

New skate locations will be changed regularly to give players a fresher experience. Those are all beautiful places with amazing environments and landscapes waiting for you to explore. Typically, the arrival of Miami beach to Lake Baikal comes with a lot of available obstacles.

Player progression also directly affects unlocking new locations. Keep in mind that new locations will result in more complex gradient environments. Not only do you watch the terrain change, but you also have to focus on the process of skateboarding. Performing different techniques such as nose grab, rocket air or frontside air in each specific terrain will help you increase your win rate.

Unlock new skateboards

Flip Skater gives players the freedom to choose their favorite skateboard from the multitude of great choices available. Basically, the types of skateboards in the game not only have the role of bringing excitement to players through the eye-catching designs available. Instead, each type of skateboard will have different sliding parameters that require you to be knowledgeable to choose the right one at each stage. Combining high-spec skateboards with skillful techniques will help you get the highest score at each level. In general, each type of skateboard in the game has a unique design to help players easily distinguish.

The unique cast of characters

The wide range of unique characters available in Flip Skater will make your skateboarding more enjoyable than ever. Accordingly, each character has its own appearance, parameters, and skateboarding techniques. Performing skateboarding phases through many different locations with them will make you always feel excited. Of course, you need to combine the character with other elements such as skateboards and tricks to be able to conquer all the available skateboard challenges.

Beautiful cartoon graphics

Flip Skater owns beautiful graphics quality with perfection in every aspect. Players will immediately feel the excitement through the initial skateboarding challenges. From the background, surroundings, and characters to skateboarding techniques are designed very prominently on the screen. All are directly compatible with each other promising to bring exciting skateboarding experiences for you. Travel around the world and pick your favorite places to enjoy the crisp cartoon graphics this game has to offer.

How to install Flip Skater

Step 1: Download the version (original APK or MOD) of Flip Skater from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: On your Android phone, enable Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Open the Flip Skater_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Tap install and follow the instructions. Touch the icon on the screen to play the game right away.

Download Flip Skater MOD APK for Android

In general, Flip Skater will help you skateboard anytime, anywhere while keeping it safe and not disturbing anyone. You even have the opportunity to become a famous skater and participate in top tournaments in many parts of the world. If you are looking for a skateboarding-themed game, this will be the choice not to be missed.


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