Townsmen Premium MOD APK 1.14.5 [Unlimited Money] Download

Category Simulation Game
Latest Version1.14.5
RequiresAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Package google play
Update OnSeptember 30, 2021

This is the peaceful and vibrant farm world that you cannot miss in Townsmen Premium. Join it now to become the king of the bustling medieval land and make it the most prosperous place. Build farms, mine resources, trade, transport, fight, and more, why not?

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Introduce about Townsmen Premium

Townsmen Premium – Classic 3D simulation game

If you love farm simulation games, Townsmen Premium is a name not to be missed. It is a product from the publisher HandyGames and was first released in 2012. This game has been available on many different platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone. Therefore, you can play it anywhere to experience the simple yet addictive simulation gameplay.

Townsmen Premium

In terms of content, the game is considered to be quite diverse with a unique mission system. Besides, the colorful 3D graphics platform is also a plus point that makes it loved. In addition, the operations in the game are also quite simple to approach from the beginning. So it attracts many gamers on many platforms, especially Android phones. To play it easier, you can try the MOD or APK version at MODDED-1. Of course, it is free.

Build your dreamland

It’s time to return to the peaceful medieval times and become the king in control of the entire vast land. Players can follow their own plans to promote strong growth in all areas. From a small village, they were able to turn it into a prosperous land with magnificent buildings and riches. And the strength of the people is most important to accomplish that goal.

There are many ways for you to build the land of your dreams, such as mining ore, building a farm, raising livestock, trading, and collecting taxes. Let’s start with the smallest things like placing a garden in the farm area to grow wheat, flowers, and other foods. Then gamers can think of building facilities for mining, building large houses, statues, and even windmills, castles. The more your land grows, the more you can earn more money. And money is the most important thing for gamers to buy everything in the game.

Protect territory

Farming, breeding, harvesting, trading is not all in Townsmen Premium. Players also need to pay attention to protecting their territory against all attacks. There will be some evil bandits always plotting to invade your fertile land. So prepare the army of the most powerful civilians to fight when necessary.

Besides, the development of the dreamland may be threatened by harsh natural conditions. Wind, snow, rain, will affect the harvest season, thereby leading to the risk of food shortage. So, if you know it in advance, prepare your planting and harvesting plans before the snow season arrives. Moreover, beware of diseases that may arise that affect residents and crops.

Unlimited map expansion

Players can expand their territory to any extent according to the progress of the kingdom. The expansion will bring more areas to upgrade the scale of production, livestock, and trade. You can get more orders from other regions, thereby making more profit. However, to do that, gamers need to reach enough levels.

Territorial expansion is necessary for further development, but it is fraught with risks. The larger your area, the more difficult it will be to manage. Therefore, it is more difficult to monitor and control production progress, while possible invasions are also more. Therefore, players need to upgrade their experience to manage their entire territory, towards sustainable and long-term development.

Classic 3D graphics

Everything in Townsmen Premium is displayed in a sharp way on the basis of realistic 3D graphics. We are really impressed with the classic yet fresh and unique design style. Besides, the image in the game is highlighted with diverse colors, the context is rich and the sound is gentle. Not only playing, but gamers can also enjoy the mellow and deep background melodies, useful to relieve all stress. Moreover, the operation in the game is quite smooth, even if you do it on a phone with an average configuration.

How to install Townsmen Premium

Follow these steps if you want to download Townsmen Premium MOD APK:

Step 1: Download the version Townsmen Premium (APK or MOD) at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Enable unknown settings in the “settings” section of your Android device.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and click “Install”.

Step 4: The game icon will display on the main screen as soon as the installation is complete. Players just need to touch to activate and play it.

Download Townsmen Premium MOD APK for Android

Townsmen Premium is the ideal place for you to find peace in your spare days. Just tap on the screen to cultivate, raise, harvest and trade. Building and growing your own kingdom is fun to explore every day. Besides, a bunch of new content will unlock, giving you the opportunity to build more and expand your territory. So, what could be better?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money

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