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Welcome to Everdale, the fun farm game with tons of fun activities to explore. Here, you will start building your land from farming to breeding, trading, and more. There’s a community of players around you in Everdale, so team up with them to work together. Are you excited about it? If yes, let’s explore it now.

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Introduce about Everdale

Everdale – Grow your village

Everdale is the latest super product from Supercell, the publisher of the hit Clash of Clans game. Unlike previous games, Everdale is built on simulation gameplay that combines farm elements. It brings a new color to the collection of Supercell games, suitable for all types of players, including kid gamers. This game is expected to follow the success of the previous super products when it quickly became popular right from its launch.

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Since the beta version was released, Everdale has left a great impression on a large number of fans. So far, it has been available on Google Play and App Store for free download on mobile. It has now reached over 100k installs and received 4.5/5 rating points. Therefore, it shows the undeniable attraction of a simple but addictive game. With fun gameplay and friendly graphics, Everdale will be a good choice for entertainment anytime, anywhere. But discover more about it before you decide to download it at the link below.

Build your farm

Everdale’s gameplay revolves around farming and cooperation between players. Here, players will build their village from a land of nothing to massive constructions. There are no wars, no rules, and no losses, only rhythmic movements in the land of peace. So players are free to do what they like to develop their village and inhabitants.

The main tasks will be building houses, growing crops, raising livestock, harvesting, and trading. Initially, these quests are quite simple since you only have 1 to 2 inhabitants. However, the player can unlock more residents and teach them new skills. Then more work will be assigned to the residents and they can create a rich village.

The construction does not stop at houses but also at other structures such as towers, castles, strongholds, production facilities. Players will start with wood research, then build basic foundations and gradually upgrade them until completed. The speed of construction depends on the capacity of each village, from the ability to exploit materials to human strength and money. If you have a lot of people and a lot of money, the construction time will be short and vice versa.

Harvest and trade

Players can grow a wide variety of crops ranging from fruit trees, food crops, flowers, and more. Cultivation will revolve around activities such as sowing, tending, and harvesting. The produce can then be distributed to be sold to merchants from neighboring villages.

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Besides, players can raise livestock to produce eggs, milk, and even build factories for processing. Depending on preferences and abilities, players can sell raw products or food. Besides, they can also buy agricultural products from other villages. All trading and exchange activities will be connected via sea and large ships.

Explore and adventure

During the holidays, players can enjoy exciting adventures through the lands in Everdale. Each place has its own characteristics to explore and exploit for your village. The trips will be more interesting than ever when players accompany friends. They can have fun, explore and interact with other villages in a large virtual community. Friendship and cooperation will be useful for players to complete missions faster. It will promote rapid development and healthy relationships among communities.

Unique character collection

Everdale offers dozens of unique characters with friendly looks and fun expressions. Each resident will have their own abilities to take on daily tasks. You can find a girl who works hard with farming, a guy who likes to research wood, an old merchantman who specializes in buying and selling. Besides, they also have the ability to upgrade to work faster and more efficiently. Things will get better and better as your village grows.

Unique 3D graphics

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Everdale still has the same cartoon graphics style as Clash of Clans. The large game scene shows up with bright colors and a friendly natural environment. Besides, other details such as houses, trees, buildings, are very diverse with many different designs. In addition, the game also impresses with gentle and deep background music. Everything contributes to creating an experience space that is both light and lively to relax right on the phone.

How to install Everdale

Step 1: Download the version (Original APK) of Everdale released at MODDED-1.

Step 2: On Android phones, allow the game “Everdale” to access unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the file Everdale_modded-1.com.apk. Select settings.

Step 4: The installation process will take some time, you need to wait until it is complete 100%.

Download Everdale APK for Android

So, is Everdale your favorite? It is not only a casual farm game but also a healthy entertainment community. Players can participate in many daily activities to build a peaceful and prosperous village. Besides, they can exchange and cooperate with many other players to learn. Works are simple but fun to play every time. Building, farming, trading, and adventure, what could be better, right?

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