Simple Sandbox 2 MOD APK 1.6.1 [God Mode, Anti Kick, No Ads] Download

Update OnOctober 5, 2022
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Anti Kick, No Ads
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Simple Sandbox 2 MOD APK provides players with all the necessary tools to create the wonderful open world they want. All you need to prepare is a concrete idea, then turn the empty space that appears on the screen into the greatest work. This is a game that stimulates creativity like Minecraft used to do.

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Introduce about Simple Sandbox 2

Simple Sandbox 2 – Minicraft-like construction simulation game

Simple Sandbox 2 is the sequel to the game of the same name developed by publisher MadnessGames on the mobile platform. This is a perfect choice for players who love Minecraft games. Join the game, you can do everything you want and build amazing buildings through a few basic operations.

image 82

Although it still offers familiar and thought-provoking game programming gameplay, Simple Sandbox 2 has a lot of valuable improvements. Accordingly, you will have more tools to choose from to build, along with the smooth image movement available. At the same time, this game does not place any limits on the creativity and imagination of the players. With over 5 million installs on Google Play, we believe this game will not let you down with what it has to offer.

Create a separate open world

In the first experience, the player will have full control over everything that will appear on the screen. Simple Sandbox 2 takes you to a wide-open space, only you appear here. Accordingly, you will begin to create your own open world by building anything you want. You can start from a house or any other construction.

Just click on the edit section, and a series of necessary tools and materials will appear available. Next, you just need to put together each small piece meticulously to create a complete house. If desired, you can also adjust the rotation angle for the most favorable viewing angle. Once done, you can admire your work through the details displayed on the screen.

Planned construction

Simple Sandbox 2 allows players to create much more, as long as you have a rich imagination and perseverance when playing the game. After completing a house, you can continue with the design of a car or even a city as you like. The size of the city depends on your preference, it can have houses in a row with streets covered with trees.

image 84

To see the city from above, you just need to design a helicopter with your knowledge. During the construction process, it is inevitable that some minor errors will appear. You can delete them or make better improvements to make everything the way you want it to be. All details in Simple Sandbox 2 follow mechanical movements to help players feel the vividness of the experience.

Design unique characters

Of course, you will not be able to lack a representative character in Simple Sandbox 2 to complete everything on your behalf. You can create characters in the image of anyone, such as an arms dealer, engineer, lawyer, student, scientist, and more. With the right character creation, we believe you will feel more confident when participating in in-game events. There are many options for the character, from skin color, and face to a lot of other things.

Interact with friends

Not only stopping at construction but Simple Sandbox 2 also provides players with strong interaction with other players. This will help you avoid feeling bored when enjoying the game for a long time. Here, you can participate in construction with your friends to shorten the construction process. At the same time, you can also suggest correcting each other’s mistakes to create the best works. Besides, do not forget to participate in competitive battles to assert your fighting ability.

High-quality cube graphic style

image 83

Simple Sandbox 2 delivers high-quality graphics through images developed in the familiar cubic style. Thanks to that, you will feel like you are experiencing a completely new version of the famous Minecraft game on the mobile platform. Besides, this game also owns many different graphic effects, parallax scrolling, and many other interesting things waiting for you to discover.

How to install Simple Sandbox 2

Step 1: Click the link below to download the APK or MOD version of Simple Sandbox 2.

Step 2: The install button will appear on the screen once the download is complete, tap it.

Step 3: The installation process will take place right after that the icon of the game will appear on the screen. Sign in to enjoy the thrilling adventure right away.

Download Simple Sandbox 2 MOD APK for Android

Simple Sandbox 2 is really a sandbox game for those who love creativity. There will be no limits for you in this game, feel free to create everything according to your taste to feel the fun. Don’t forget to download the MOD below this article to enjoy the exciting features it brings.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • Anti Kick
  • No Ads


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