Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK 0.6.0 [Menu/Skill/Keys/10+ Features] Download

Iron Horse Games LLC
Update OnDecember 18, 2022
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK is a fun and idle mining game. Your mission is to dig to the core of the earth to collect gold and treasure. But you won’t do it alone, hire multiple employees like T-rex, zombies, unicorns, and more to increase productivity.

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Introduce about Tap Tap Dig 2

Tap Tap Dig 2 – Mine and get resources as soon as you are idle

Tap Tap Dig 2 is an interesting choice for those who love idle games. It helps you relax by mining minerals in the cores of planets with the craziest miners. But no need to manipulate too much, just click to play. Even when you don’t access the game, you also get money when you return. It’s not like the extreme adventure or shooting, survival games are full of tension. It was born mainly to make gamers happy and relax the mind.

Tap Tap Dig 2

This game comes from publisher Iron Horse Games LLC. It is a fairly new name but has soon achieved success in the early stages when owning more than 100 thousand bookings on Google Play. You will enjoy this experience because of the light gameplay, fun visuals, and playful sounds. Anyone can play it, even children. So let’s explore more about it now.

Click to mine

Get ready to start mining to the cores of planets in Tap Tap Dig 2. Following on from the first part, this game will lead gamers on a crazy mining adventure with fun miners. The player’s task is to click on the screen to mine and collect coins, diamonds, and many other valuable items. The longer you play, the more you mine and of course the bigger the rewards. But when will the end come? It is endless to play for hours every day without running out.

Super simple gameplay, right? But you need to train your finger to click more and tap faster. Collected coins and diamonds will be used to invest in human resources, equipment, and machines. The deeper you dig, the harder it is, so you’ll need better tools to be effective. In addition, craft items are also useful to sell and earn. In general, the more you dig, the bigger the profit. Getting rich is not difficult, right?

Unlock and upgrade your miner

To dig to the core of the planets, gamers cannot play alone. Initially, they will have only one miner but later on, they can hire more miners with unique skills. Each miner has a different look and power, and there are more than 13 miners to unlock. Players will need to pay to own them. And depending on the performance of each person, players need to pay different prices to own miners from normal to advanced.

Besides, the miners also need to be upgraded to be stronger over time. Use your money rationally on hiring and upgrading characters to maximize profits. If you spend a lot, but you don’t get much, you will only have a loss. Therefore, even if it is an idle game, players also need to have a clear plan to receive a worthy reward in Tap Tap Dig 2.

Endless exploration

The resource mining journey will take place until you are tired. Your fingers may fall apart, but the inspiration never dies. Despite the simple gameplay, Tap Tap Dig 2 has a lot to explore to the very end. The further you go, the more new things appear from characters to equipment, equipment, treasures, and more. Thanks to that, the attraction of the game keeps increasing over time, making those who have played it don’t want to stop. If you stop playing and turn off the game, the miners also continue to mine so you get money when you return. As an idle manager, don’t worry too much about productivity.

Funny pictures

We were really surprised by the careful investment in the image in the game. In particular, the character system is designed in great detail, each with distinct beauty and personality. The most unique diggers are here, mermaid, cat, giant, grim reaper, skeleton, superhero, and more. The game background is very simple but the colors are very harmonious, the music is light and joyful. Thanks to that, players can enjoy a great relaxing experience on their phones. The game interface is also reasonably arranged for easy one-handed operation. The operations are optimized as best as possible to not do much but still have fun.

Steps to install Tap Tap Dig 2

Step 1: Type the name “Tap Tap Dig 2” at Modded-1.com and click on the corresponding article. Click the “Download” link in the article and choose to download the MOD or APK file.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Click the game icon on your phone screen and enjoy it.

Download Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK for Android

Those who love idle games should try Tap Tap Dig 2 at least once. Play it without thinking much, just click to mine resources and collect profits. Besides, this is an opportunity to discover dozens of unique and new characters. They are hard-working miners for you to take advantage of in your exploration of the planets. Let’s start it now on your phone.

Features MOD:

  • increase diamonds
  • increase Fossils
  • increase Planet Tokens
  • Skill are instant max level after unlock
  • No Skill CD
  • Skills are stackable / multi activation possible
  • Unlimited Keys
  • 30 Chest for claiming
  • Crafting instant finish
  • Helper lvl up cost x5 lower


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