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777 Pixels
Update OnApril 21, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Small Living World UNLOCKED APK is a game that simulates the development of a miniature world. In this game, you are free to build your own ecosystem with many options available. All features have been improved in this paid version, refer to this article to better understand the game.

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Introduce about Small Living World UNLOCKED

Small Living World UNLOCKED – Build and develop your own ecosystem

If you are looking for a light game that helps reduce stress in your life, then Small Living World UNLOCKED from the publisher 777 Pixels will make you feel excited. Basically, this game simulates the entire development process of the ecosystem in the world. The special thing is that you have full control over the change and development of the world in the game without any impact.

 Small Living World UNLOCKED

Moreover, the classic pixel graphics in this game will also make everything more impressive than ever. Download Small Living World UNLOCKED through Google Play or App Store to experience it now. Note that you have to pay a fee equivalent to $2.49 per download. If you want to play the game for free, please click on the APK link we provide below this article.

Promote the development of nature

Like most other sandbox games, Small Living World UNLOCKED gives players a wild world for the first time. You will start everything in a large desert, where no life appears. Gradually, environmental scenes will be added through the options that appear on the screen.

Accordingly, you can add vegetation at will, or create animals to help your ecosystem grow. Besides, the operation of this game is relatively simple and suitable for all types of players. You simply touch the available icons on the screen, drag and drop them into the appropriate position for the best development. In general, everything is under your control, so make the best choice to develop the ecosystem.

Build the right environment

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As is known, every plant or organism in the natural world needs a suitable living environment in order to develop fully. Small Living World UNLOCKED is a simulation game inspired by reality so you will feel this throughout the game. As a creator, you need to know the information as well as the appropriate habitat of each plant and vegetation. From there, put them in the most suitable environments to be able to develop on schedule. To develop a stable ecosystem, you need to satisfy the needs of all the plants and animals in your world.

Cyclic mechanism

The cycle will continuously repeat in Small Living World UNLOCKED to help players have the most vivid experience. Typically, water vapor will form clouds, then rain will continue to cause water to accumulate in nature. Just like that, your ecosystem will continuously develop and create a suitable habitat for all living things here. Besides, the number of years of development of the world in the game is also constantly updated on the bottom corner of the screen. This will help players have a more interesting feeling when experiencing the game.

Diverse plants and animals

Small Living World UNLOCKED currently has 24 species of plants and 16 species of animals waiting for you to combine to create an ideal living environment. Every detail available in the game has a direct impact on the living environment, so consider carefully before deciding to create something. In addition, this game also allows players to create 6 different worlds simultaneously in real-time. You can create completely different worlds through your own options and observe their similarities.

Classic pixel graphics

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Similar to other products from the publisher 777 Pixels, Small Living World UNLOCKED is developed in the classic pixel graphic style. This makes the details in the game not too clear, but enough to make players feel familiar when enjoying. Most of the details appearing in the game are derived from reality. So it won’t take you too long to better understand their appearance. Moreover, colorful graphics are also a big plus to make this game more attractive.

How to install Small Living World UNLOCKED

Step 1: Download the original APK version of Small Living World UNLOCKED at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android device, unlock unknown sources.

Step 3: Start the installation of Small Living World UNLOCKED_MOD_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: The installation process will take place in 1 minute depending on the configuration of the machine. Please click on the icon of the game right after successful installation to experience it.

Download Small Living World UNLOCKED APK for Android

Creating your own miniature world in Small Living World UNLOCKED will be a lot of fun. This game does not have any built-in quests, you simply log into the game and create your own world. Accordingly, there will not be any ads or purchases appearing. This will definitely give you an extremely comfortable feeling when playing the game.

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