Luna Ravel 2022.0526.2 APK + MOD [Unlimited Everything] Download

Update OnMay 27, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Everything
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Luna Ravel

Luna Ravel MOD APK brings fascinating detective stories that you will become a famous private detective to discover on your own. All developments in the game take place in an engaging interactive style, which means you will make the most appropriate choices in each situation to develop the story. Refer to the article to better understand this visual novel game.

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Introduce about Luna Ravel

Luna Ravel – Become a talented detective and solve mysterious cases

Detective stories combined with love elements always give players endless inspiration. That is also the reason why you should try to experience Luna Ravel right now to feel the interesting things that this game brings.

Basically, the publisher nutnut did a great job with this product when it brought interesting interactive situations to the screen. Here, you will become a famous private detective to solve mysterious cases and find true love during the process. Currently, you can download Luna Ravel through Google Play or the APK link below this article to experience it right away.

Choose your character’s style

Before starting to transform into Luna Ravel, players will start by choosing a costume for this beautiful private detective. Accordingly, the game offers a lot of different outfit styles for you to choose from in your own way. Each style will help this girl stand out from the crowd. Are you a person who loves personality or gentle style? Of course, an impressive appearance will help this girl attract the eyes of the guys around.

Uncover mysterious stories

The mysterious story in Luna Ravel mainly takes place in a mysterious lake. It is a rather deep lake located in a small village. On the occasion of returning to the village, the main character heard about mysterious stories surrounding this lake. There have been many fishermen mysteriously missing at the lake. So the people in the village are extremely scared and you need to find the culprit as soon as possible.

In some situations, the player will accidentally meet his ex-lover again or even face childhood fears. Basically, this game is developed in a typical visual novel style so you will choose the correct answers based on the questions on the screen. With each right decision, the story in the game will develop in a more positive direction and vice versa. Are you brave enough to make the right choices and solve the mystery of this lake?

Meet a bunch of other characters

Luna Ravel owns a storyline with quite long content, so the player will constantly meet other characters during the investigation process. Each character will have a certain impact on the story, and you need to mine clues from them to find the final mystery. In fact, they are both handsome guys so beautiful love can happen at any time. Here are some of the characters that you will meet in this game:

  • Lily Rousseau: An intern who always stands by the main character during the process of solving the case.
  • Peter Wilson: The British detective is famous for his good looks, you need to find the culprit before him.
  • Oscar Gao: The protagonist’s childhood ex, can a romance continue from the beginning?
  • Yasmine Zidi: As a writer, she came to the village of Fischbourg to seek inspiration from the inherent tranquility of this place.

Regularly updated content

You may not know that Luna Ravel has just been released not long ago, so the content of this game is still relatively sketchy and incomplete. Therefore, you should wait a little longer to be able to fully explore the full story available. The publisher also promises to update new stories continuously to help players always feel new when experiencing.

Nice cartoon graphics

Like most other visual novel games, Luna Ravel has a simple way of building cartoon graphics. Here, players will admire hand-drawn cartoon pictures with high vividness. Most of the pictures that appear on the screen show the inner world of the character. Thanks to that, you can also observe the facial expressions as well as each gesture of different characters to serve the process of collecting clues. Besides, the transition effect in the game is also very smooth and works stably on many different devices.

How to install Luna Ravel

Step 1: Go to Modded-1.com, search for the keyword “Luna Ravel”, and download the MOD or APK version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Click Install.

Step 3: The icon of the application will appear with the words “Luna Ravel by MODDED-1.COM”. Then go to the application to use it according to your needs right away.

Download Luna Ravel MOD APK for Android

Are you ready to join Luna Ravel to become a talented female detective and uncover the entire mystery available? This is a casual interactive game, so you need to constantly make the right decisions to be able to develop the story to your liking. In addition, you can also download the MOD version on our website to get the job done more easily.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Everything

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