Idle Stonks Tycoon MOD APK 2.1.641 [Unlimited Money] Download

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Update OnJuly 21, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Join Idle Stonks Tycoon MOD APK and start your business. You will unlock a series of businesses and earn idle money from them. But if the tax company comes to you, quickly convert your money into crypto. You can turn a disadvantage into a profit and soon become the richest boss in the city.

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Introduce about Idle Stonks Tycoon

Idle Stonks Tycoon – Earn idle money and find a way to evade taxes

If you’ve ever run a business, you probably know taxes very well. This is what the state will ask the business to pay based on the profit it makes every year. However, if you want to avoid taxes, you can try the strategy in Idle Stonks Tycoon. Of course, it is not useful for reality, but in this game, be comfortable with your strategy and do whatever it takes to make the business grow. Profit is the most important thing, everything else is nothing. So just get a lot of money, you will be the richest boss.

Idle Stones Tycoon

This game is currently free on Google Play and Modded-1 to download and play on your phone. So if you are a business buff, don’t miss this experience. Just click to play, or choose to automate it all. Earning idle money and becoming rich has never been this easy. Are you ready to try?

Run the business and be the boss

Participating in Idle Stonks Tycoon, gamers will be an investor with a wise strategy. By developing virtual businesses, they can master the world stock market. Just click to unlock any business, and after a certain time, you will click to collect money from it. Gamers can even automate this process so that the money is automatically added to the account. This is the simplest form of idle money you have ever seen, right? Players do not need to trade, manage or harvest, simply sit and wait for the money to return to their pocket.

However, to play this game well, gamers need a clear strategy. They have to see if the market is favorable to unlock more businesses or accumulate money in the account for something else. In addition, they also have to trade with many other large and small businesses, constantly upgrade their businesses and accelerate the rate of profit generation. And especially, the most difficult problem is tax evasion. How to evade taxes to ensure your full profit?

Tax evasion with cryptocurrency

The answer is this, evade taxes by converting real money into crypto. You must have heard a lot about cryptocurrencies, right? But if you evade taxes with cryptocurrencies, you’re probably hearing it for the first time. In this game, at a certain time, the tax officer will come to your business to collect taxes. At this point, you have to quickly convert money into cryptocurrency as a form of spending your assets. If you can convert all, the profit of the business to zero, then you pay no tax.

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So any boss tries to transfer the most money and fastest. The form of electronic money transfer in Idle Stonks Tycoon is quite simple, just click on the screen. Gamers will have to click as fast as possible to transfer the most money in the given time. When the time is up and you still have not transferred all the money, the tax will be calculated based on the profit remaining in your account and automatically deducted.

Unlock a variety of businesses and talented bosses

Initially, gamers could only run a single business. Simply because they don’t have enough money to invest more. But when you make enough money, don’t hesitate to spend it on a series of new businesses, helping to increase the source of profit. Besides, gamers can unlock many unique characters who are the bosses of many luxury businesses. They can trade with bosses to buy items and use them to upgrade their business chains. Everything is aimed at speeding up progress, helping to create more profits to get richer.

Colorful graphics, vivid effects

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Although it is a simple game, Idle Stonks Tycoon is designed with very neat graphics. The character image is highly creative, has a unique and fun appearance, and has many flexible expressions. Besides, they are also integrated with their own storylines through dialogue. Gamers can rely on the dialogue between the characters to explore the game story. Besides, the game scene is relatively small because it is displayed on the phone’s vertical screen. However, it is realistic and sharp enough for gamers to see every detail clearly. The effects and sounds are also great, adding vibrancy and attraction to the game.

How to install Idle Stonks Tycoon

Step 1: Download Idle Stonks Tycoon (MOD & APK) version for free at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: After the game download is complete, click the Install button available on the screen to install the game.

Step 3: Finally, players just need to touch the Idle Stonks Tycoon icon to experience it right away.

Download Idle Stonks Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Get ready to be a boss with illegal business in Idle Stonks Tycoon. You will do everything in exchange for huge profits to soon achieve your dream of becoming a millionaire, including tax evasion. Click a lot to generate coins, then convert them all into cryptocurrencies to evade tax requirements. Moreover, you can use the money to reinvest, unlock more businesses and upgrade existing businesses.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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