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SimplePlanes APK is an aircraft design simulation game for both PC and mobile. You can assemble different parts yourself and create an airplane model according to your imagination. What was more amazing? Take all the ideas in your head, turn them into reality and enjoy them on your flight.

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Introduce about SimplePlanes

SimplePlanes – Design and fly your own planes

The airplane simulation theme has been exploited a lot in mobile games. Among them, we are impressed with SimplePlanes, the game from the publisher Jundroo, LLC. It attracts players thanks to the realistic simulation gameplay on the 3D graphics platform. Besides, it provides everything for gamers to freely design their planes and enjoy their achievements. There are hundreds of different parts and color options to build the plane you want. Just click to select the part and assemble it, it doesn’t take too long for the fabrication process.


The gameplay is simple, but the intense attraction of this game has attracted many gamers to participate. It is rated to 4.9/5 points on Google Play and received countless positive comments. Currently, it is a paid game (about 6$) per install. But gamers can get it for free in Modded-1 through the MOD APK file at the end of the article.

Create your fantasy airplane models

You won’t be able to delay your experience with SimplePlanes. Come here and make your distant dreams come true. Have you ever dreamed of owning super cool planes and flying them yourself in the sky? This is the time to do it. The game gives you hundreds of parts and arranges them into specific categories. It includes Structural, Wings, Propulsion, Landing Gear, Cockpits, Gizmos, Weapons, and Sub Assemblies. If you are someone who has ever learned about aircraft, surely these names are not too unfamiliar to you. But even for newbies, it’s very quick to get used to them.

By simply touching items and selecting parts, players can assemble a giant plane on the phone. There are many parts and many color options to turn rudimentary into a perfect model. But to do this, gamers need to have a sketch idea for the aircraft model first. They can consult online or use the available suggestions of this game. Assembly is very quick. The parts will automatically connect to each other without the player having to drag and drop them. So even if you have never played this game, it will not be difficult to assemble.

Enjoy the flights

You don’t build a plane just to see it, you can actually test it out in the sky for yourself. After completing the aircraft models, players will be able to fly them from the flight path, then fly in the sky and land. The flight paths and backgrounds are designed very vividly, so the feeling of flying the plane is also very realistic. Gamers can see the sky, fields, rivers, sea, mountains above and below their plane.

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In particular, players can fly the plane in both first-person and third-person modes. So they can easily enjoy the interior and exterior of the plane. Their models can actually reach the sky, not just an experiment. Which are civilian planes, WW2 warbirds, fighter planes, and more. How they look is up to you. And don’t forget to stick the featured stickers to affirm the brand. Players will see it during their flight from one place to another.

Besides, they can even control rockets and test their power. It’s like a real military maneuver. If their plane can’t take off or crashes mid-flight, that’s okay, redesign it and make a better model. SimplePlanes allows players to freely create and customize.

Vivid and realistic 3D scene

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SimplePlanes impresses with its high-end 3D graphics platform. Everything is described very vividly, successfully depicting aircraft models and realistic flight scenes. You will find a wide variety of aircraft models from classic to modern. Moreover, they can really move smoothly in the sky with realistic weather effects from day to night. The explosion effects, rocket fire are also great, and the sound is perfect with the sound of the aircraft engines and the catchy background music.

How to install SimplePlanes

Step 1: Download the SimplePlanes version (original APK or MOD) developed by Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your Android phone, unlock unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the SimplePlanes_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file. Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and play the game.

Download SimplePlanes MOD APK for Android

SimplePlanes is the place to show off your design and build skills. You can create the most creative airplane models and try to fly them in the sky. Customize colors, add parts and place them in the right places so an airplane model can take off. As soon as it enters the flight path, you can pilot them to take off, hover over various terrains and enjoy the vivid flying effects. Let your imagination unleash and make it come true, why not?

Features MOD:

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