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Update OnJanuary 29, 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Rubies
Category Simulation Game
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Have you ever wondered about the world of cats? Dear My Cat MOD APK will bring you to the land of cats where you can build, play, visit friends and develop a fun virtual life. Join now to enjoy the gentle rhythm of life with lovely feline friends and melodious music.

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Introduce about Dear My Cat

Dear My Cat – Build a virtual life with cats

If you love a soothing experience with your pets, Dear My Cat is a great choice to try. It is a simulation game from the publisher Wemade Connect and has now attracted millions of players online. It is loved for its gentle and lovely simulation style, relaxing gameplay, and beautiful visuals. You will have memorable memories with your pet in the airy fantasy virtual world. Sit with the cat by the fireplace, participate in fun activities, entertain, make friends and chat. That’s what you can do here.

Dear My Cat

Good memories will be created now and forever in your mind. It’s something you’ve never seen before, but it’s so close and adorable. Your pets are reliable companions to confide in and be with. They also have their own world and activities to do every day. Are you interested to know that? The game is available here to download for free, so you can play it right now.

Decorate your dream island

At the beginning of the game, you meet a lonely cat on a small island with a simple house. The game will guide you to interact with the cat through touches on the screen. The gamer’s task is mainly to fulfill the cat’s wishes, help it find joy in its floating world. For example, your cat will want to visit the flower garden, invite a friend over to play or party, play games, watch the moon, relax, and more. Gamers will in turn unlock different locations and activities to help their cat satisfy his desires.

Players can choose their favorite cat from the beginning of the game. Besides, in the process of playing, they will meet many other cats with their own stories. Cats have interesting connections, shared interests, and a desire to find fun. You can build a common world for all of them and enjoy good memories together. Play hard to unlock new locations and unique decorations. You can turn a small island into a dreamland full of amusement parks, train stations, beaches, and more.

Make friends and share funny moments

Your cat loves meeting new friends. Just click “Invite a Friend” to invite any cat to your land. After that, players can organize activities for all cats to have fun, sing, and relax. Thanks to that, gradually, they can create a wonderful ecosystem for cats. The cats will also need to be fed, drunk played, and entertained. And there are dozens of fun activities to participate in such as fishing, swimming, moon-watching, diving, working, and more.

Earn coins and upgrade the island

Every activity that a player does generates money. Besides, they can get money and hearts from friends’ gifts. Money is essential for players to unlock locations and decorations. At the same time, it is also useful to upgrade locations to generate more money in the future. In general, the more you play, the more money you earn, from which you will have the opportunity to explore a lot of content, expand the map and develop habitats for the cats.

Excellent graphics and sound

The most favorite point in Dear My Cat is in the graphics and sound. This game is designed on a 3D platform with a lovely and close cartoon style. The fantasy setting is described in detail with many unique and romantic scenes. The pictures of the cats are super cute with flexible gestures and expressions. The environmental effects are also very good, such as clouds, wind, sky, light. Everything changes dynamically in real-time. Want to see everything clearly, gamers can zoom in or out as you like.

In addition, the sound with melodious background music will make every gamer relax. It also has a sound in every touch, so it feels very interesting to play on the phone screen.

How to install Dear My Cat

Step 1: Click the download link in this article and choose to download the MOD APK file of Dear My Cat. Please wait a few seconds for the download to complete.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it by selecting “Install”.

Step 3: Wait until the installation is complete, then you will see the game icon appear on the phone screen. Just click open it and play the game right away.

Download Dear My Cat MOD APK for Android

Dear My Cat is a great choice for those who love animals, especially cats. You will have an exciting and peaceful virtual life with lovely cats in a magical world. You can build, decorate, party, have fun with many different cats. The beautiful memories will stay in your mind, heal your soul and bring gentle joy. Try it in your spare time.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Rubies


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