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Update OnMarch 25, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Hamsters in Hamster Bag Factory MOD APK are ready to help you create the most beautiful bags and start a worldwide bag business. Here, your task is to run your bag factory efficiently to help it grow and receive more orders.

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Introduce about Hamster Bag Factory

Hamster Bag Factory – Game simulates the operation of a bag factory

Hamsters are known to be cute, hardworking animals that perform a lot of daily activities. By joining the Hamster Bag Factory, players will somewhat better understand the characteristics of this animal through the operation of the bag factory. Accordingly, hamsters will replace workers in the factory.

They will work hard to bring you the most impressive bags and sell them to customers for profit. At the same time, the publisher mafgames also added a lot of different interesting content waiting for players to discover in this game. You can download Hamster Bag Factory via the APK link below or on Google Play.

Operate a bag factory

As the name suggests, the main job of the player in Hamster Bag Factory is to operate the bag factory. You will need a lot of factors to keep your factory running stably. Here, you will have the opportunity to create many different bag designs to fully meet the needs of your customers. Of course, the hamsters will get to work with your direction.

This means that you will have more free time, thereby observing the process of creating a bag like in reality. Basically, the game mechanics are also very simple. That is, the player only needs to deliver the right fabrics to help the mouse make the bag. Then tap the matching hamsters to get them to work right away. In just a short period of time, you will see the finished products on the screen, sell them and make a profit right away.

Various bags with different styles

In fact, the number of bags appearing in this game is extremely diverse. Initially, you will do business with ordinary bags to have a steady source of revenue. Then you can import better ingredients and invite more experienced and skilled hamsters to create more luxurious bags.

Each type of bag after being upgraded will have a difference in appearance and price. Accordingly, there are many models of bags on the market and each type will meet the specific needs of each customer. Therefore, the more different models of bags your factory can produce, the more opportunities for development. Continuous factory expansion is also an important factor to help you create more quality products.

Unlock adorable hamsters

As mentioned, hamsters are like the real workers in your bag factory. They work and work hard to help you maximize your revenue. At the same time, players can also use the money they earn to unlock new mice. Accordingly, Hamster Bag Factory has 40 types of hamsters available with many notable changes. They are divided into two categories, workers and managers, so you need to divide the work appropriately according to the level of each mouse to achieve optimal productivity.

Upgrade production scale

Speeding up factory production in Hamster Bag Factory is essential. You cannot let your factory operate stably for a long time, but it takes bold decisions to make a breakthrough. Let’s start with production line upgrades to the components that make up the bag. The more you upgrade, the more bags produced in a certain period of time will increase significantly and the price will also be pushed up. That gives you more profit than usual.

Colorful graphics

Colorful and cute graphics on the screen help Hamster Bag Factory attract the attention of many players. Accordingly, you will see the scale of the bag factory appear on the screen through a variety of activities. It has cute hamsters, ingredients, and finished products after hours of hard work. Besides, the interface in the game is also shown very well so that players can easily observe all factors related to their factory.

How to install Hamster Bag Factory

Step 1: Click the download link in this article and choose to download the Hamster Bag Factory APK file. Please wait a few seconds for the download to complete.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it by selecting “Install”.

Step 3: Wait until the installation is complete, you will see the game icon appear on the phone screen. Just click open it and play the game right away.

Download Hamster Bag Factory MOD APK for Android

Overall, Hamster Bag Factory is an idle game combined with an interesting business element that you should not miss. This game works continuously even when you are offline, so just create an efficient production line and you will quickly become the owner of a leading bag manufacturing business in the world.


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