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Update OnJanuary 17, 2023
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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It can be seen that the game world on the phone is quite diverse to meet all the needs of players. However, many people still think that simple game graphics often have boring gameplay. But perhaps you will have to think again after playing Retro Hero Mr Kim MOD APK. Try to learn about this fascinating game through our article.

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Introduce about Retro Hero Mr Kim

Retro Hero Mr Kim – Become a hero with a mission to protect the world

Retro Hero Mr Kim is a role-playing game combined with an extremely popular idle style at the moment. This is a video game released on mobile platforms by mafgames. Thanks to the available advantages, this game quickly received more than 1 million installs on Google Play along with positive reviews from the player community.

Retro Hero Mr Kim

In the game, players will transform into real heroes with the task of protecting the world from evil forces. Only you can prevent the development of evil forces, so act now if you don’t want things to become too late. Accordingly, you will help the main character overcome a series of quests to develop strength and defeat enemies along the way.

How to play is simple but extremely attractive

If you’ve ever loved RPG games on mobile, Retro Hero Mr Kim will certainly not disappoint you. The game has very simple gameplay. The player’s task is to touch the screen to help his character defeat all enemies and unlock effective skill upgrades. Moreover, the pacing of this game is quite fast. So players will have difficulty right from the first jump.

You need to calculate the time and combine the main character’s strength with other warriors to create great power. The difficulty will also quickly increase through each level by increasing the frequency of the appearance of obstacles. In general, the gameplay of this game is relatively simple but will make you encounter many difficulties during the experience.

Take advantage of effective upgrades

After each match, the player will receive a certain number of upgrades. You can take advantage of them to optimize the power of your character. Each upgrade point will help the character become stronger through a number of different aspects. You can identify information about upgrade types through their description text or icons on the screen. Accordingly, continuously upgrading the character’s strength will help you complete the available challenges more easily.

Forming a group

Remember that you are not alone during your Retro Hero Mr Kim experience. Because this game allows players to form a strong team to support each other in battles. First, you need to train your soldiers to help them become stronger. Besides, this game also brings a lot of different characters that allow players to freely choose to add to their team.

Use a variety of weapons

Besides upgrading, weapons are also one of the factors that help your character increase in superior strength in Retro Hero Mr Kim. This game allows the player to use a variety of weapons to defeat the monsters. At the same time, you can also find high-status weapons inside large treasures. Overall, the diverse weapon system in this game will give you more options in battles.

Graphics are not so special

In terms of graphics, this game is not too special compared to other games of the same genre, but it is enough to satisfy many players. The details are integrated with eye-catching colors with blue, red, purple, and yellow tones that are constantly changed through each level, giving you a sense of attraction when experiencing. Besides, the attack effect in the game shows very well with many different colors and images that will surely make you excited.

The sound makes a strong impression

Different from the graphics, the sound in Retro Hero Mr Kim is extremely carefully invested. This game is packed with unique tracks designed specifically for each level. In addition, each battle will emit vivid sounds that promise not to disappoint you from the first time you enjoy it. In general, the sound system is one of the most important factors to help Retro Hero Mr Kim achieve as much success as it is today.

How to install Retro Hero Mr Kim

Step 1: Requires you to download the version (APK or MOD) of Retro Hero Mr Kim developed by Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android device to allow the game “Retro Hero Mr Kim” to be installed.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file Retro Hero Mr Kim_MOD_modded-1.com. Click install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Download Retro Hero Mr Kim MOD APK for Android

Retro Hero Mr Kim fully converges the essential elements that an RPG game must-have. We believe that this game will be an extremely reasonable choice for players who are looking for a light entertainment game but still challenging in their spare time. Try to transform into the main character in the game to discover all the attractive challenges available. If you want, you can download the MOD version at our website to unlock in-game upgrades more easily.

Features MOD:

  • Pet Upgrade
  • Quest Upgrade
  • Artifact Upgrade


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