World of Artillery: Cannon MOD APK 1.1.5 [Menu/Currency/Guns/Bullets/No Reload] Download

Skytec Games, Inc.
Update OnJanuary 19, 2023
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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World of Artillery: Cannon MOD APK brings extremely realistic war experiences. Join the game, players will be participating in fierce tank battles with the task of destroying all opponents on the battlefield. Your tank control skills will be continuously honed in this impressive RPG game, let’s find out more.

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Introduce about World of Artillery: Cannon

World of Artillery: Cannon – RPG game inspired by tank battles

Join the fierce tank battles in World of Artillery: Cannon to better understand the battlefields of the Second World War. Through invincible tank battles, the factions will compete fiercely to monopolize the leadership of the whole world. You will transform into a soldier with skillful tank control talent.

World of Artillery: Cannon

Your mission is to help your army win against other opponents in uncompromising tank wars. In addition, the publisher Skytec Games, Inc also added a lot of tank-related customizations. As a result, you can freely recreate complete tanks and use them on the battlefield. Download this game via Google Play or the APK link below to enjoy the ultimate tank shooting battles right away.

Join epic tank shooting battles

The main content of World of Artillery: Cannon revolves around epic tank shooting battles. More specifically, players will have the opportunity to choose for themselves a favorite tank to be ready to confront all enemies. In each battle, your task is simply to aim accurately to destroy the enemy as soon as possible.

It can be army tanks, tanks, bunkers, and even cars. The way to play the game is also very simple, you just need to give precise aim and shoot actions to destroy all opponents. Moreover, the radiation effect that represents the damage level after each attack will help you better understand the effectiveness of each of your shots.

Complete tasks from the simple to complex

The tank battles in World of Artillery: Cannon is not only about fierce battles on the battlefield. Instead, the player sometimes engages in tank battles to complete assigned missions. For example, you need to destroy all enemy tanks on the map to protect your base from powerful attacks.

download world of artillery cannon mod

Or sometimes you can fight opponents to save an injured convoy and more. Each mission in the game will have completely different content and requirements. The difficulty of each mission will also increase continuously, requiring players to launch more accurate shots if they want to win.

Various types of tanks and weapons

There are many different tanks and weapons that you can use in uncompromising tank shooting battles. Most of the tanks in World of Artillery: Cannon are built according to real-life prototypes that promise to give you the closest look at World War II. Besides the available tanks, players can also create a complete tank by themselves through the available options. Each tank in the game will have different parameters, the higher the parameter, the more outstanding the combat ability.

The environment is constantly changing

The battles in World of Artillery: Cannon always makes players feel new through the appearance of new environments. In fact, the new map types will also have their own advantages and disadvantages that require players to get used to coming up with the most effective way to fight. It can be terrain types such as plains, slopes, ravines, plateaus, or random areas. Moreover, new enemies will also constantly appear to challenge your skilled tank shooting skills.

Stunning 3D graphics

download world of artillery cannon apk

There is nothing to complain about the graphic quality of World of Artillery: Cannon. More specifically, this game possesses a beautiful 3D graphics format along with well-described details. Players will quickly get caught up in the fascinating tank shooting battles of the Second World War through the details shown on the screen. Besides the amazingly perfected explosion effects, the combat environment in this game will also make you feel extremely impressed. Try playing the game now to get the best overview.

How to install World of Artillery: Cannon

Step 1: Download the APK version of World of Artillery: Cannon at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your Android phone.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file by clicking Install.

Step 4: Wait for about 1 minute for the installation process to complete, the icon “World of Artillery: Cannon” will appear on the screen.

Step 5: Just open the game and experience it.

Download World of Artillery: Cannon MOD APK for Android

In short, World of Artillery: Cannon is an attractive tank-shooting game that you should try to experience for the time being. The game is relatively easy to play but also difficult to win. Players will have to strategize to shoot the most effective tanks in each different battle. Besides, each mission requires players to have an effective solution if they want to win.

Features MOD:

MOD (V1)

  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Bullets
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlocked All Cannon

MOD (V2)

  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlock All Guns


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