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Codex of Victory APK is a strategy game with a sci-fi setting. Join the game, your task is to build a defense base, command an army of advanced robots and defeat other forces on many planets. The goal is to free the world from terrorist robot forces and become the most modern force in the universe.

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Introduce about Codex of Victory

Codex of Victory – The battle between robots and modern technology

Codex of Victory

This is a new game from the publisher AKPublish pty ltd. This game is built with a story and context beyond the limits of the earth. In other words, it will bring you to alien wars, where robots and technology evolve beyond human understanding. In that war, your mission is to destroy the Augments, a strange race of terrorist robots. It is a long battle journey through many levels. The challenge will be increasingly difficult, requiring non-stop upgrading.

Explore available modes

The game currently has two main modes, campaign (story) and PvP. In the campaign mode, the game will offer quests according to the level of progress. Gamers need to complete the assigned tasks to level up, thereby unlocking new missions and new content. Of course, they needed to upgrade their army and defense base to keep the edge in increasingly difficult missions.

Meanwhile, PvP mode is a real-time battlefield for multiplayer. Gamers will compete against each other to compete on the online leaderboard. The rewards for this mode are equally attractive as the campaign mode. Moreover, you will learn more from other players’ strategies.

Take part in turn-based tactical battles

download codex of victory mod

Basically, the content of the Codex of Victory has two main parts. First, there are combat missions that take place in turn-based mechanics. In campaign mode, your opponents are cyborgs from the Augments race. Meanwhile, the PvP mode is where you have to face the army from real players. Before the game takes place, gamers need to build a squad of modern robots. Each robot will have its own attributes. Consider this to create an effective strategic formation.

In battle, gamers have full control over their army. Accordingly, they can choose any unit and move it on the hexagons. Besides, they have the right to choose an attack target or make a defensive plan. In other words, it is they who will decide their own action strategy on the battlefield. The matches are always intense and exciting. At the same time, they are a place for you to showcase your strategic talent.

Build a defense base

The second main content of this game is to build a defense system. Your defense base includes the research center above ground and other rooms installed underground. There are dozens of different rooms to unlock, thereby strengthening your power. For example, you can unlock an army vehicle storage room, module and resource room, metal production room, module production room, unit production room, uranium production room, and more.

Upgrade your units and technology

download codex of victory apk

Codex of Victory offers a series of robotic units beyond your imagination. Each unit will have its own attributes and take on a certain position on the battlefield. The most common types of units include Scorpion Tank, Supporter, Heavy Tank, Light Tank, Hacker, Flyer, Shocker, and Sniper. While Sniper is good at shooting enemies from a distance, the Heavy Tank is a robot with good defense.

Your job is to learn about each type of robot to discover its weaknesses and strengths, thereby forming an effective team. Besides, the upgrade is equally important. Gamers can upgrade the level of each unit to improve its own attributes. As each unit becomes stronger, the squad strength will be higher. And gamers will have the opportunity to gain an advantage in new battles at new levels.

How to install Codex of Victory

Step 1: Download Codex of Victory (MOD or APK) at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your Android phone.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file by clicking Install.

Step 4: Wait for 1 minute for the installation to complete, then the icon of “Codex of Victory” will appear on the screen.

Step 5: Just open the game and experience it.

FAQs about Codex of Victory

1: How to download Codex of Victory?

You can download this game from Google Play but pay about 5$ for it. If you download apk file here, it is free.

2: What equipment does this game require?

It has high-quality graphics but is optimized for mobile, so you only need an Android 4.4+ or iOS 6.0+ device.

3: Do I need an Internet connection to play it?

If you play campaign mode then no internet connection is required. But if you enter the PvP arena, please check your wifi or mobile data.

Download Codex of Victory APK for Android

Do not hesitate to download the Codex of Victory and join the fantasy war. This is where you must show your strategic talent to develop your army and defeat other modern forces. There are tons of robot and tank units to add to your squad. But which is the most effective squad? It is you who will decide that. Moreover, work on building and expanding the defense base for more resources and units, and you will conquer the universe in your own way.

Features MOD:

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