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Frostborn APK is the latest online survival role-playing game from publisher Kefir. This game is currently receiving a lot of support from the global gaming community. The proof is that game has got 3.9 out of 5 review scores and more than 500,000 installs on Google Play. So what does this game have? Try to explore it today.

Note: You can refer to some survival games from the publisher Kefir as Last Day on Earth or Grim Soul.

Introduce about Frostborn

Frostborn – Coop Survival

Frostborn is the next game in the classic Survival series of the publisher Kefir. Not only owns the highlights of its predecessor but also is exploited in much new content. Most typical is the plot, Frostborn takes place in Ingart – a land of Northern Europe and is the birthplace of myths about brave Viking warriors. As can be seen, this scene has never been exploited in the games of publisher Kefir, so their fans will probably be excited about this.

In addition to the fascinating storyline, Frostborn also owns diverse gameplay, unique graphics, and many other new features. For more details about this game, go to the next sections right below.


The Ingart land used to be a very beautiful place until it is conquered by evil monsters. And the player’s task is to fight against them to bring about inherent peace. You will be one of the Viking warriors, who never surrendered to any enemy. Therefore, stand side by side with other warriors to protect the beloved Ingart lands and drive evil back to hell.

Your first enemy in this game is hunger and thirst. You wake up in the midst of the kingdom being ravaged by monsters, so there is no food or water available. Moreover, there are no houses, clothes, or any other weapon for you to survive in harsh environments. So the advice for players is to go first to find food, then clothes made from leaves or animal skins. Besides that, armor and ax are also needed to fight predators.


Basically, player activities in the game revolve around 3 main jobs, which are finding items, building, and fighting. To do that, the player needs to know the main controls in the game, even master them. Specifically, in the left corner of the screen, there is a multidimensional button to move the character. Meanwhile, in the corresponding right corner, there are some important function buttons. Players will use them to control the character to use weapons such as grenades, swords, bows. The higher the level, the more weapons players can unlock, and upgrade their strength.

4 players co-op mode

Playing alone is no fun in Frostborn. Therefore, this game has integrated an online mode allowing players to form teams to explore and fight together. Each team has up to 4 people, and you can find them on the real battlefield in the game. However, keep on guard because not everyone can become friends. Some people may use you to steal resources. This is also for survival.

Item system

Besides the things picked up on the battlefield, there will be a variety of items in the store that players can purchase to support their survival. Typically helmets, armor, swords, shields, bows, shoes, and some resources for construction such as wood, rope. In addition, players can also buy some plant varieties for creating a good crop. They are all available in the game’s store and of course, you have to pay to buy them.

Classic graphics

With the context of a mythical story, Frostborn owns 3D graphics with a beautiful classic style. The scene in the game is carefully polished to every detail, making the game so real that it is no different from an epic fantasy movie. In addition, the dark colors throughout the experience also made me feel fierce destruction on the land of Ingart. So aside from the excitement, I think you also feel a little bit of fear and heartache when playing Frostborn.

How to install Frostborn

Step 1: Click the link at the end of the article to download Frostborn (APK & MOD).

Step 2: Allow the device to install unknown apps.

Step 3: Click on the game, select “Install”.

Step 4: A game icon will appear on the desktop as soon as the installation is completed. Once there, you can click on it to start playing.

Download Frostborn APK for Android

Frostborn is an extremely content-rich survival game. Although only talking about a context in the Ingart land, the game has exploited very deeply in many aspects. It is not only a Viking warrior’s survival journey in the harsh environment but also endless battles between them and countless different enemies. At the same time, it is also an adventure for players to explore many locations on the map, find resources, and build buildings anywhere. Therefore, I think gamers will take a lot of time to understand this game.


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