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Update OnFebruary 3, 2023
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Tap Titans 2 MOD APK is a typical idle game where the player will have to transform into a swordmaster to fight giant monsters. Are the simple gameplay and beautiful graphics enough to make you feel attracted to this game? First, you should join us to find out a few more information about it.

Note: You can find some traditional idle games as Firestone Idle RPG or Idle Gun Tycoon.

Introduce about Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 – Become a swordmaster and claim your status

Tap Titans 2

Games with simple controls are very popular at the moment. Most of these games have extremely easy-to-understand gameplay but attractive thanks to the unique features built-in. Tap Titans 2 is one such game. Although it belongs to the familiar role-playing genre, it is different from the products of the same genre. In addition, players can play Tap Titans 2 quickly anytime, anywhere, very suitable for those who are often busy with little time for Entertainment. So, the publisher Game Hive Corporation has really understood the players and has fully met their aspirations through this product.

Success inherited from the previous version

With over 50 million players (via Google Play only) from around the world, Tap Titans have been a dream come true since its launch to the present time. This is also the motivation for the development team to continue to think creatively to launch the next version of the game called Tap Titans 2. Of course, the new name still retains the inherent attractions. The previous version with attractive new features promises to be a game worth experiencing in the present time. Besides, you can explore the new features that the game brings by downloading the game via the APK link below this article.

As can be seen, most simple games often attract players to set a high score record or complete a challenge at each level. However, Tap Titans 2 was unable to do that when every monster you destroyed was unable to resist or counterattack. This is also a limitation that still exists in the game. Hopefully, the publisher will bring more challenges to players during the experience so that they don’t get bored when enjoying the game.

Exciting adventure

The context in Tap Titans 2 is preserved compared to the previous version before taking players on an interesting journey. Here, you will be able to see the vivid landscape along with the beautiful image quality in the cartoon style. It will definitely not make you feel disappointed during the experience.

In the game, you will have to control your character to find and destroy the violent monsters in the game screen to be able to win. Killing these monsters will be very easy. Because all you need to do is touch the screen to help the character use the attack. Remember that the faster the hand touches, the faster the attack speed increases, making the process of killing monsters easier than ever. In addition, your character will be upgraded gradually through the number of coins obtained from killing monsters in each level.

In general, Tap Titans 2 possesses relatively simple and easy-to-understand gameplay. This is a very suitable choice for players who are looking for a game that can entertain them in their spare time.

Facing a lot of difficulties

The difficulty will increase through the integration of bosses after each level, making it difficult for players to fight them. You should prepare mentally in decisive situations because after defeating 10 monsters, you will have to confront a boss. This will help you stay excited throughout the game experience.

For monsters, it is possible to freely manipulate the screen. But for the Boss at the end of each screen, there will be a limited time. The player needs to use the maximum of his fingers to destroy the Boss if he does not want to lose. Surely after the “torture” of fingers like this during the experience of Tap Titans 2, finger fatigue is inevitable.

Simple graphics but extremely eye-catching

The graphics quality in Tap Titans 2 only stops at 2D. But the display quality that this game brings is really great. The details in the game are not too fancy, but make us feel extremely impressed thanks to the reasonably integrated animation style. Graphics effects in the game are also great with a series of built-in magic effects. This will definitely make you feel extremely satisfied during the experience.

How to install Tap Titans 2

You need to remove the original APK version or the Google Play version. Then just install our MOD to fix the error when installing.

Step 1: Download the Tap Titans 2 version (APK or MOD) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click the Install button that appears on the screen.

Step 3: Experience this super fun RPG game by tapping its icon.

FAQs about Tap Titans 2

1: How to increase the win rate in Tap Titans 2?

In addition to constantly tapping on the screen for the character to fight, you should download the MOD version at our website to increase your winning rate.

2: What is special about the MOD version of this game?

When downloading the MOD version of Tap Titans 2, players can activate features like Money/Skill/Mana/More to help the character become stronger.

3: How to enable MOD features?

You just need to touch Menu, then touch the corresponding slider of each feature to activate.

New update in Tap Titans 2

Version 5.25.2

  • Fixed A/B tests applying to the wrong players
  • Fixed Video Chests displaying as uncollected incorrectly
  • Fixed minor localization issues
  • Fixed minor visual issues

Download Tap Titans 2 MOD APK for Android

In summary, Tap Titans 2 is a game with relatively simple gameplay but is really addictive for a lot of players around the world. This game does not integrate too many challenges and does not create surprises for players to experience. But the collection of cartoon heroes fighting as well as interweaving elements of light humor entertainment. It’s still very attractive, isn’t it?

Features MOD:

MOD (V1)

  • Coins Increase
  • Coins not decrease
  • Mana not decrease
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Vip Features Enabled
  • Fairy Video Skip
  • Pet auto attack is active
  • Auto upgrade heros after prestige is active
  • Unlimited Fairys
  • All item sets bonus is active //works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded (No working for relics boost)
  • Only fight with bosses
  • Hero scrolls level (0-100) // 0=Hack Disabled works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded,
  • Hero weapons level (0-100) //0=Hack Disabled works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded
  • Instant Max Stage //Kill a boss to get instantly to your max stage
  • Free Passive Skill Upgrade //works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded, the mod will upgrade it for your account so pay attemption to ban risk
  • Auto Buy Always Avaiable

Note 1: If you enable Coins Increase and Coins not decrease at the same time Coins not decrease take priority

Note 2: A trick to use mods that works only if enabled before game load is enable the chosed mod then Disable/Enable Scientific Notation because it will reload the game.

MOD (V2)

  • Unlimited Mony

MOD (V3)

  • Unlimited Mana
  • Gold Don’t Spend
  • All Items Sets Bonus Is Active
  • Fight Only With Bosses
  • Hero Weapons Level 50
  • Hero Scrolls Level 20


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