Ground Zero 1.2.07 APK + MOD [Unlimited Diamonds/Ammo/Resources] Download

Studio Ampersand
Update OnMarch 28, 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds/Ammo/Resources
Category RPG
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  • Unlimited Diamonds (Purchase anything)
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Resources

NOTE: Spend as you want even don’t have enough

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Ground Zero MOD APK is an attractive RPG game that excellently combines the theme of survival in a world overrun with zombies. Your mission in this game is to fight the zombies and develop a prosperous community amidst the chaos.

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Introduce about Ground Zero

Ground Zero – Conquer the post-apocalyptic world your own way

Ground Zero opens up a post-apocalyptic world with a lot of dangers waiting for players, especially the appearance of a large army of zombies. In this game, players are tasked with fighting through hordes of zombies and terrifying Contamies. With a variety of missions across many different game modes and environments, this product from the publisher Studio Ampersand brings a new, more engaging experience than ever.

Besides, the never-ending gameplay and countless quests to complete are available making players always have something to do in this game. By completing these quests, you’ll earn vital supplies and resources needed to fortify your base and ensure the survival of your community. Try downloading this game through Google Play and start your own battle for survival.

Uncompromising battle for survival

In a way, the Contamies have harnessed the power of the zombies to serve the purpose of causing the world to suffer destruction once again. However, you must not let that happen. Find a way to form an alliance of the best warriors to fight the Contamies in this game. Accordingly, players will be taken to different locations with a very understandable task, which is to destroy all zombies that appear on the screen.

Everything is shown extremely intuitively on the screen. You just need to control the characters to move continuously to dodge attacks from zombies. When approaching zombies, the main characters will automatically attack to minimize the player’s manipulation. Remember that zombies in each level will become stronger, so you need to be very careful when fighting.

Pick up important resources

Exploration is key in Ground Zero. The game’s open world encourages players to seek out valuable resources and supplies. Thereby making the difference between life and death in this unforgivable post-apocalyptic context.

Materials picked up in locations can be used to build and expand your base, craft useful items, and improve your scavenging. Make sure you don’t miss any important resources in each stage. Overall, this aspect of the game adds depth and strategy, ensuring that players remain engaged and invested in their survival.

Craft the necessary equipment

Crafting plays an important role in Ground Zero, allowing players to create the tools and equipment needed to protect the community and ensure its continued growth. The crafting system is intuitive and rewarding, giving players the freedom to experiment with different resource combinations to create the items needed to accomplish their goals. Besides, there are many crafting methods in this game, you will need a lot of time to learn them all.

Explore many different places

Each stage of development in Ground Zero corresponds to an exciting story that the player is free to explore. More specifically, you will also discover new lands with the appearance of stronger and more diverse zombies. Each area has a distinctive design, inspired by real-life buildings and locations that are sure to provide an enjoyable experience. In addition, new types of resources in the game will also add to the fascinating military experience of the apocalypse.

Graphics and sound bring high realism

Ground Zero is not only an engaging shooter action game focused on zombie survival but also offers an impressive audiovisual experience. The game’s graphics and sound design come together to create a deeply immersive environment that adds an extra layer of excitement and tension to the gameplay.

The game’s world is designed with intricate attention to detail, from desolate urban landscapes to strange, abandoned establishments. Each location is unique and presents a distinct atmosphere, truly capturing the essence of a post-apocalyptic world. Furthermore, the dynamically changing music also responds to on-screen action, increasing tension in combat situations.

How to install Ground Zero

Step 1: Click the “Download” link in this article and choose to download the game’s APK or MOD file.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”.

Step 3: After installing, open the game, log in to your account, and enjoy it.

Download Ground Zero MOD APK for Android

In short, Ground Zero is a must-play for fans of zombie survival and shooting action games. Engaging quests, massive worlds, and a rewarding crafting system make it an unforgettable gaming experience. With fierce battles, strategic gameplay, and constant progression, this game promises a thrilling challenge that will keep players entertained for hours. Dive into the world of Ground Zero today and test your mettle before the zombie apocalypse.


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