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Pocket Rogues: Ultimate MOD APK is a classic role-playing game from the publisher EtherGaming. Each game screen promises to be a dramatic and thrilling match, challenging the fighting skills and courage of all gamers. Will you be a talented and brave warrior? Play games to prove it now.

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Introduce about Pocket Rogues: Ultimate

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Pocket Rogues: Ultimate is a new game from EtherGaming, but it is not entirely unfamiliar to the gaming community. Basically, is built on the familiar RPG genre, applying the fighting mechanism to exploit classic battles between humans and monsters. In addition, in terms of graphics, it owns a classic style, like the legendary Mario game. They all remind players of an old game but contain unique new features. So it will definitely impress you from the very first play.


Pocket Rogues: Ultimate brings a storyline with not too new content. It is a story about adventure and dungeon exploration, where huge treasures come with countless dangers. Countless people have come here with the aim of capturing valuable treasure, but most of them are unable to return. The lucky survivors have recounted that, inside the dungeon, the small to giant monsters guarding the prison will never let anyone steal the treasure. And those who tried to fight with them could not survive to return.

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Even so, more and more people are coming to the cave because of the strong attraction of precious treasures. In it, there are you, a brave and talented adventurer. Can you overcome the most dangerous challenges to get the treasure for yourself? Be careful with everything around. Your enemies are crowded, while you are alone. Therefore, if you only use strength to fight, victory is something that is difficult to achieve. Yes, every gamer needs many factors to be a winner, not just fighting skills.

How do you fight?

The player’s character will possess some basic skills to fight, including a normal skill and some special skills. Unlike conventional games, in the game Pocket Rogues: Ultimate, the skill usually also costs a lot of MP. From the very beginning, gamers can feel the difficulty of this game, as almost every monster does damage to their character. Even a small mouse or a zombie, each of their attacks also causes a lot of damage to the character.

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The game has a principle, that is, it forces the player to only move forward and cannot undo the past journey. That is, each player will fight non-stop in this battle until they are exhausted or give up. However, to reduce the difficulty, the game also integrates some treasure chests in several locations in the dungeon. They contain gold coins, weapons, or some useful items. Don’t miss out if you see them on your way.


The viewing angle of the game is top-down with the horizontal screen interface, allowing players to see the entire scene of the dungeon where they stand. This is a very popular combination on current mobile games, especially RPGs because it offers many advantages. Wide and airy viewing angles help players easily observe the map and detect the attack of the enemy as soon as possible. From there, they would have a little more time to come up with the right combat plan.


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There aren’t too many on-screen controls, so Pocket Rogues: Ultimate is has mobile control optimization. Players will touch the screen and drag hands to orient the character’s movement. At the same time, touch the function buttons on the right side of the screen to help the characters develop skills. Besides the skills used to attack, every character owns defensive skills. It is indicated by the symbol “shield”. The player can use the function buttons multiple times during a match, but after each use, wait for the skills to restore energy.


As introduced, Pocket Rogues: Ultimate owns a classic graphic style on a 2D platform. Background colors are quite dark, images are quite small but detailed and unique. In addition, effects such as fire, smoke, or combat effects of the characters are also quite vivid and impressive. In general, in terms of graphics, this game seems without a complicated investment. However, with its unique classical design style, it still makes fans feel satisfied.

How to install Pocket Rogues: Ultimate

Step 1: Download Pocket Rogues: Ultimate (MOD Damage, High Defense) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on a mobile devices.

Step 3: Install Pocket Rogues: Ultimate_MOD_modded-1.com.apk

Step 4: Follow the instructions to wait until the installation is finished.

Download Pocket Rogues: Ultimate MOD APK for Android

Pocket Rogues: Ultimate is an RPG game suitable for gamers who love classic graphics and gameplay. This game offers dramatic battles but is also quite fun. Besides, it doesn’t seem to be overemphasizing each player’s performance, so it would be suitable for relaxation. However, if you are an ambitious player, there are many challenges in the game ready for you to conquer. Their difficulty can be difficult for you. Do you want to try it? Download the game and play now.

MOD Feature:

MOD (V1)

  • Damage
  • High Defense

MOD (V2)

  • High Damage
  • Unlimited Money


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