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Update OnJanuary 13, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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MeChat MOD APK is a dating game that is gaining popularity with many players at the moment. Not only possessing interesting features, but the game also has a simple and convenient interface. Just swipe on the screen to search, make friends and chat instantly. As such, it will really create the good relationships you are looking for. Discover it now.

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Introduce about MeChat

MeChat – The perfect multi-object dating game is waiting for you to discover

MeChat – Love secrets is a game from the publisher PlayMe Studio, launched not long ago for the mobile platform. But as users’ demand for online dating increases, MeChat’s popularity doesn’t stop. So far, this game has reached more than 500 thousand users on Google Play alone.


Although there are quite a few other dating apps on the market, MeChat is still a well-known name. Why? Because this is not a dating app, but a pre-programmed game. From there, players will have the opportunity to fully explore the elements of true love. In addition, it also owns a good-looking interface and is suitable for all players around the world. No need to be too picky, but this game still attracts a lot of players. How about you? Do you want to try dating through this fun game?

Create your profile

Start your romance in this game by creating a profile. That is the most important factor for you to attract friends in the community of MeChat. Some of the information you need is your name, age, gender, interests, and especially an impressive profile picture. As soon as your profile is created, your dating feature is also activated. With that, you’re ready to find and make friends with other people.

Search and make friends

As mentioned, this game is pre-programmed, so there will be a lot of objects to suit your needs and preferences. So it’s a gathering place for all kinds of people around the world. Everyone has different personalities and there are criteria for choosing who they want to date. That way, you will easily find the type of person you like through a few very simple steps.

Note: Before you want to search for someone, go to MeChat login and access your account. All participants in this game have a complete profile for others to review. Of course, this information is not all to tell a person’s personality. But in the first meeting, that’s what you can get. A profile with impressive information will help you score points with the opponent.

Relationship development

After you find someone you like, you can use the dating chat feature with that person. But start the conversation openly and politely to get the other person’s consent. If you don’t know how to do it, MeChat will suggest you. It will display some great greetings to help you open up to your partner.

Even so, the development of the relationship is up to you. MeChat is only a place to connect users with each other, not responsible for durability. Therefore, if you really like someone, don’t hesitate to express your feelings properly. This game is not the only place for people to get to know each other. It doesn’t have to be love, it can be friends and more.

Friendly interface

I am quite impressed with the interface of MeChat because it is simple and convenient. With just simple taps on the screen, you can do what you want. For example, create a profile, search, chat dating, etc. In addition, the colors in the game are quite harmonious. It is mainly light colors, creating a comfortable feeling when looking at it for a long time. However, it also has no shortage of details with hot colors to highlight key information.

In addition, the instructions are also visually displayed on the screen so that you find the features quickly. Therefore, this game works like any regular dating app. This will save you a lot of time getting used to it.

Some outstanding features of MeChat

I will take a look at some of the outstanding features of this game, specifically as follows:

  • Search others by interest
  • Virtual reality dating mechanism
  • Dating chat is easy and convenient with just one tap on the screen
  • Many different character personalities for players to explore freely
  • Free to download and use
  • Fewer ads

Of course, the above are not all the advantages of this game. So we want you to spend more time exploring it.

How to install MeChat

Step 1: Please delete the original version of this game on your device (if available).

Step 2: Click on the APK or MOD link below this article to download the game.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: The icon of the game will appear on the screen, click on it to experience the dating moments your way.

Download MeChat MOD APK for Android

Making friends and dating has never been this easy with MeChat. What you do is visit it, create a complete profile and start searching, making friends, dating. I believe you can find the type of person you like here because you have a lot to choose from. More than just dating, virtual characters and players can have a closer relationship. Moreover, this game can work smoothly on any device without lag. Conveniently, right? So what are you waiting for? Download for free here to start your love story?

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Diamonds


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