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Update OnFebruary 3, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Are you ready for idle adventures in Darkest? Collect, upgrade heroes and bring them to the epic battlefield to fight Boss. Much valuable loot and prestigious titles are waiting for you to conquer.

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Introduce about Darkest AFK

Darkest AFK – Free Idle RPG offline & PVE Battler

download darkest afk

Darkest AFK is the latest in the collection of Three wishes slot machines game studios. But currently, this game only has an early access version because the publisher has not set a release date yet. However, according to the prediction of the game community, it will soon be released with the official version and available on both Android and iOS platforms. Currently, Darkest AFK has received over 100k installs for the early access version, which is a positive sign of the game’s great popularity in the near future. So what does this game have? Join us to explore it now.


The gameplay of Darkest AFK is quite similar to Darkest Dungeon – one of the most famous games of Red Hook Studios. However, it is much simpler and is considered an idle adventure game. Specifically, players will control the heroic characters involved in battles with dangerous monsters. But instead of having to control each character, players only need to occasionally touch the screen to help the character perform the skill. Most of the time, the heroes will automatically move and fight. And the player’s job is to enjoy the epic matches happening on the screen.

The player’s journey in Darkest AFK does not follow a specific story, but it is basically a continuous journey from location to location and ultimately a battle with the giant Boss. In this journey, players will meet many new heroes, constantly upgrade them and collect more weapons and equipment to be ready to face all dangers. In addition, countless new places are always ready for you to explore. Comes with that are countless new enemies, and unexpected challenges.

Hero system

Darkest AFK brings many powerful heroes. They not only have detailed looks but also possess unique fighting skills. Some typical heroes like Knights, Paladins, Archers, and Mage are always ready to start an idle RPG adventure. Gather them into a team to create unexpected powers. But first, take the time to get to know them as each character will have their own skills.

download darkest afk apk

Characters in Darkest AFK can automatically fight and receive resources, experience, and equipment even when the player is offline. So, players can join the match anywhere, anytime without having difficulty on the Internet. Also, do not forget to visit “the Town” regularly to summon and upgrade heroes. As soon as you want, the heroes will be ready to participate in raid battles in every dungeon of Darkest AFK.


Besides the main skills of the character, players can also upgrade their strength with equipment. Specifically, each character can carry 4 types of equipment, including main weapon, armor, gloves, and secondary weapons. Of course, each type of equipment will have its own effect and affect the speed, damage, defense, of the character. Equipment can also be upgraded to increase stats. They are usually found after the player has completed a mission, is fighting, or opening special gift bags.


As mentioned in the beginning, Darkest AFK is an idle adventure game. Therefore, it does not require too much manipulation from the player. The characters will automatically search for the enemy, attack, and defend. However, sometimes players need to touch the skill buttons displayed at the bottom of the screen to help them deploy skills. Skills will need recovery time to use again, and players need to consider this. In addition, about the interface, the game will be displayed on the vertical screen of the phone device. Scenes will automatically transition to the right after a player completes a challenge in their journey.


download darkest afk mod apk

Darkest AFK only stops at the 2D graphics platform. However, the images in the game are designed quite sharp, in addition, the game context, character expressions, colors, effects are also great. In particular, with the game context, it’s only dark, contributing to the content that the game brings. It is a dark, cruel world and is being destroyed by evil monsters. Besides, it is blended in fiery and bloody matches. All portray the devastating scene in epic wartime.

How to install Darkest AFK

Step 1: Download the latest version of Darkest AFK or MOD from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Proceed to unlock settings on the Android phone.

Step 3: Install the Darkest AFK_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions!

Download Darkest AFK APK & MOD for Android

If you are looking for a simple adventure game, Darkest AFK will be a great choice. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy the most epic battles of the epic era but do not need to do too much. Fight continuously in this game and overcome many challenges, then enjoy the awesome loot. Lots of heroes and powerful equipment to help you do this. Just being ready is enough.

Features MOD:

  • Currency Cheat
  • Unlimited Skill


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