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Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer offers an epic setting, where players will be able to explore the setting of Greek mythology from the very first experience. Here, you will enjoy the style of playing cards through controlling heroes fighting against the gods. Is this a simple journey? Join this game now to answer the above question for yourself.

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Introduce about Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer

Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer – Card game combined with cute anime graphics

If you are a card game lover familiar with simple but creative gameplay, then Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer is a game not to be missed. The game is no slouch before cult games of the same genre, and even has unique features that make players feel new and want to experience it immediately.

Heroes' Quest: AFK Explorer

Basically, this game is developed by EYOUGAME(USS) – A publisher relatively familiar to many people. They specialize in producing anime games on the game market and receive a lot of support from different players. Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer is currently available on both Android and iOS operating systems, allowing players to experience it easily. Although it has only been released recently, the statistics are enough to make you feel impressed.

The plot is close

Accordingly, this game has a relatively easy-to-understand context when players will transform into the good side to fight against the dark forces. Gather the strongest characters to join the journey to find hope to protect the world. They will have to enter Pandora’s Box, a mysterious area with many types of monsters guarding.

Sounds illogical, doesn’t it? But the gods in the game have been corrupted and no longer bring peace to the people. Will justice really win in this game? That depends a lot on exploiting the power of the characters coming from the player.

Personality girls

Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer brings players to a world full of mystery and excitement. You have the task of recruiting beautiful and extremely attractive girls to your team with the goal of conquering the world based on the available story. More specifically, the female protagonists are extremely beautiful and lovely that will surely attract many players around the world.

download heroes quest afk explorer apk

At the beginning of the game, players will be familiar with how it works through specific instructions. If you have ever experienced card games, the gameplay of Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer will not take you too long to understand. Players will have to convince the girls to be on the same team before starting with more difficult challenges. Each girl will have different looks and strengths. So, you should choose with all the necessary criteria to help the squad become more perfect.

Turn-based combat

The fighting style of Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer is designed in the familiar turn-based direction for the card game series. Thereby, players can enjoy the battles vividly without having to do anything. The characters are all automated and fight in a pre-arranged formation. This is one of the attractive elements of the familiar card game series. It helps players save maximum time when experiencing the game.

In addition, Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer has also a diverse mission system, allowing players to comfortably enjoy the game. Change your formation constantly to take advantage of different tactics if you want to defeat the enemy in large-scale battles.

Online competition

After gathering a sufficient squad and familiarizing yourself with how Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer works, you can compete with players around the world through online mode. Here, you will have to show superior skills and reasonable tactics to defeat other opponents.

download heroes quest afk explorer mod

Remember they are the people with the same strength as your squad. So, do not despise the opponent if you do not want to receive a bitter defeat. Climb to the top of the leaderboard and fight to the end to prove your talent now.

Familiar graphics

Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer has 3D graphics similar to other card games. The image in the game has a familiar cartoon style, with meticulously described details that will surely make players feel satisfied. Especially the hot and beautiful girls are vivid to create a successful game in terms of both visuals and gameplay.

How to install Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer

Step 1: Uninstall the original APK version or the installation file via Google Play if available.

Step 2: Install Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer APK version at our website via the link below.

Step 3: Click the install button and wait a short time.

Step 4: The game icon will appear with the message “Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer by MODDED-1.COM”. Log in to the game to experience it immediately

Download Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer APK for Android

Compared to the card games currently on the market, Heroes’ Quest: AFK Explorer proved to be the graphically dominant game. The game will bring you to the world of charming girls, very suitable for those who are lonely and have not found their own half. So, please contact us if you have any questions about the game, we will try to answer to the extent possible.

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