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Update OnJanuary 13, 2023
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Toilet Rush Race APK is an interesting puzzle game where players have to find their way to the toilet for a couple in love. Both of them are having problems and need to go to the bathroom as quickly as possible. But things are not so simple when the obstacles keep appearing. Will you help them by joining this game?

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Introduce about Toilet Rush Race

Toilet Rush Race – Exciting way to the toilet puzzle game

Toilet Rush Race

Have you ever encountered a situation where you needed to go to the bathroom but faced a lot of obstacles? Don’t worry too much and solve the problem effectively like the couple in Toilet Rush Race. This is a puzzle game with an interesting story from the publisher ROCKET SUCCEED TOGETHER.

In this game, you will have to solve puzzles of increasing difficulty to help both main characters get to the toilet as soon as possible. The way to the toilet in this game is really arduous with many obstacles appearing. Try downloading Toilet Rush Race via the APK link below the article or Google Play to discover it right away.

Relieve pressure by going to the toilet at the right time

Surely all of us have at least once encountered a problem when not going to the toilet on time. This is even more evident in Toilet Rush Race, a puzzle game with a simple connection element. Your task is to draw a line to connect the two main characters to the toilet at the right time to win.

Of course, things are not simple at all when there are obstacles as well as villains. You need to find ways to avoid them if you want to win. It’s time to use your rich imagination to win this game.

Simple line drawing operation

Basically, how Toilet Rush Race works is relatively easy to understand. Players only need to perform swipes on the screen to be able to effectively draw a moving path for the two main characters. Accordingly, you need to click on each character to draw the corresponding move line. At the same time, the movement of each character will also be shown through different colors for you to easily distinguish. Drag and drop the line to the appropriate toilet icon on the screen to win.

Many levels to explore

Toilet Rush Race requires players to find the fastest way to the toilet. But at the same time, you need to avoid the surrounding obstacles if you do not want to lose. There are many factors that lead to failure in this game. For example, both male and female characters touching each other along the way will make you play from the beginning. Or one of these two characters collides with any surrounding obstacles.

This means that your brain and rich imagination need to be at their best. Because the difficulty of each level immediately increases with the appearance of more obstacles. As of now, Toilet Rush Race has more than 99 different levels with increasing difficulty. Each level has the appearance of new obstacles and different layouts that will surely make you feel difficult.

Rich villain system

A variety of villains and obstacles are ready to make you difficult in Toilet Rush Race. Each villain is individually designed and appears on different levels. Most of these characters are quite familiar to players. It’s the appearance of rainbow friends, familiar letters of the alphabet, and more. All show the tension in each game screen. Just a few mistakes are enough to make you play from the beginning.

Simple, colorful graphics

Toilet Rush Race has a relatively simple graphic design, giving players a sense of excitement right from the first experience. You won’t see too many complex images on the screen, simply colorful strokes with characteristic characters. Everything creates a harmonious whole that helps players approach this game in a much simpler way. The main white background makes you feel like you are drawing on a real piece of paper.

How to install Toilet Rush Race

Step 1: Download the APK version of Toilet Rush Race at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “install”.

Step 3: The installation will take place right after you do step 2 and usually takes about 1 minute. Relax a bit and the game will be ready to play as soon as the installation is complete.

If you have any questions regarding the APK file download and installation, please contact us to get it resolved immediately.

Download Toilet Rush Race APK for Android

Overall, Toilet Rush Race is a puzzle game that requires thinking ability and rich imagination from players. You will have to turn through the puzzle levels from simple to complex to better understand the journey to the toilet of the two main characters. Things can be very difficult in the later stages, but stay calm to take the most reasonable actions.

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