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Update OnMarch 24, 2023
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Palace & Puzzles APK is a puzzle game built with a historical political story. You will have explosive match-3 battles with enemy armies to unlock many new story chapters. You will also meet many romantic characters to date and raise a family. Make up your own interesting royal story here.

Note: You will find many other puzzle games on Modded-1 like Tower of Saviors and Puzzle Breakers.

Introduce about Palace & Puzzles

Palace & Puzzles – Puzzle and adventure gameplay

If you are bored with the usual puzzle games, Palace & Puzzles is a breath of fresh air that you should not miss. This game is built with classic match-3 puzzle gameplay, giving you easy access to the gameplay. But with that, it is a well-rounded story consisting of many chapters and a diverse character system. The journey of gamers here can stretch to infinity and span many lands and kingdoms. They are the leaders of an army that is engaged in a worldwide conquest. They will stop in different kingdoms and uncover the mysteries there. Don’t hesitate to become a hero and attract every character with your power.

Explore match-3 puzzle wars

The main content of the game is the war. You will lead your army against the armies of the enemy and help the kingdoms clear the invaders and rebels. Each battle will have many waves, and in each wave, gamers will face a number of enemies. If they defeat the enemy, they can level up and unlock new journeys. The wars will become increasingly complex and difficult, requiring constant progress. Therefore, gamers need to recruit new heroes and upgrade each hero to gain better power.

In the battle, gamers do not need to learn complex skills. They only need to use their fingers to match the same items and create small armies to attack the enemy. The larger the combos, the more troops, and power will be generated. Besides, you can build a group of heroes to fight. Each hero possesses unique skills and can launch attacks when the energy bar is full. Solve puzzles wisely to build strength and energy and strengthen your squad. That’s the basis for you to win every battle, including the big boss battles.

Meet amazing characters

At the beginning of the game, gamers can customize their character. They can choose a male or female character and choose from one of the available skins. Depending on the character they choose, the development of the story will be different. As a result, they will have the opportunity to meet unique characters and develop the story in different directions. Each character has its own look and story. It can be the princesses of the kingdoms you pass through or legendary heroes. Take the time to discover their stories and make friends.

Gamers can even flirt and marry any character they like. To do this, they must also solve match-3 puzzles. With the victory, the gamer can rescue the princess, give her flowers and promote the progress of the relationship. And romantic love stories will leave you spellbound. Don’t forget to upgrade your hero and other characters to unlock their new story chapters.

Extend the journey to infinity

Palace & Puzzles is an endless adventure journey. In each chapter of the game, gamers will go through any kingdom and stop to fight and uncover all mysteries. There are 4 kingdoms with their own maps and stories. But each kingdom will lead you to many places, meet many characters and discover dozens of fascinating details. Your journey will always be fresh and inspiring. The further you go, the higher the level and the richer the world. Gamers can also ally with friends or against them in PvP mode to unlock more extra episodes.

Unique and realistic classic design

The game is designed on a 2D graphics platform with a classic style. It vividly depicts the royal world with queens, princesses, and kings with outstanding appearances. Besides, the game context changes flexibly according to your journey, leading you to many places with beautiful and poetic landscapes. The character system is carefully polished with many outfit options and well-organized dialogue. The puzzle effects are also very explosive and eye-catching.

How to install Palace & Puzzles

Step 1: Click the “Download” link and please wait a few seconds to download Palace & Puzzles MOD APK.

Step 2: Install the file and keep your internet connection stable to complete the installation.

Step 3: Open the game, log in and enjoy the story of the game.

Download Palace & Puzzles APK for Android

Palace & Puzzles will make you fall in love with its unique and well-organized royal storyline. There you can become the hero and pride of every kingdom. Moreover, your hero can meet and interact with many beautiful characters. And don’t miss the match-3 battles with unique effects and attractive strategy. This game is not just that solver but a journey, story, and more.


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