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Update OnMarch 28, 2022
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Poking a neighbor is never a simple task, but it will give you an extremely interesting and funny feeling. If in reality, you do not dare to do this, let Neighbors back From Hell satisfy your wishes right now. First, let’s learn a little about this game right now to better understand it.

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Introduce about Neighbors back From Hell

Neighbors back From Hell – Poking, action sequences, and better graphics quality

Neighbors back From Hell is a classic game and loved by many people decades ago. Now, it has returned on the mobile platform under the development of HandyGames release. This is a game that will allow players to freely discover the secret inside the house of the hateful neighbor.

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Join the game Neighbors back From Hell will bring you the most exciting moments of experience with the angry neighbor scenes from the main character. Neighbors back From Hell are now available on both the App Store and Google Play making it easy for players to download and experience right away. Believe me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen while participating in classic pranks from the main character.

Transform into Woody

Joining Neighbors back From Hell, players will still transform into naughty Woody with the task of stalking and performing pranks on the obnoxious neighbor. This time, you will not only meet him in his own home but also be ready to make jokes at various locations around the world. Including China, Korea, India, or even the distant country of Mexico. Turn short vacations into hell by performing constant pranks. Do not be too aggressive, if discovered, he is ready to chase you and perform brutal tortures.

Simplicity comes from the control system

In fact, the operations in Neighbors back From Hell are not much different from all other RPGs. Players are simply taken to different locations to perform pranks. Accordingly, the player only needs to observe, then touch the objects that he thinks can make him angry when he sees them.

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Of course, you need to be selective because not all objects are suitable for performing a hegemonic troll. Besides, the control system in the game has also had a certain change so that players can feel more interesting. Although this is not a very prominent change, it is very necessary at present.

Perform pranks

As mentioned, players will become Woody in the first experience to break into the neighbor’s house. The game will have separate levels, players will have to search for specified items to be able to complete the assigned challenge. The gameplay of Neighbors back From Hell is relatively simple. But when implemented, it will be extremely difficult. Players will encounter bad guys in many different forms. Move gently if you don’t want to be spotted quickly. If you let the neighbor find out, you will have to stop and start the game from the beginning.

Increasing difficulty

Neighbors back From Hell bring a lot of fun, the level of challenge will increase over time. This will make the player encounter a lot of difficulties during the experience. This is a game that requires high alertness so you need to be calm to be able to solve the challenges of the game.

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The space in Neighbors back From Hell is quite large because the neighbor’s house is in a classic villa style. This allows the player to freely move in every corner of the house and enjoy the game comfortably. Not only that, you can follow him for long breaks to keep him in a state of exasperation.

Graphics and sound system

Although the graphics of Neighbors back From Hell have been upgraded quite a bit compared to the version that appeared on PC a few decades ago. The details in the game are depicted relatively well combined with smooth transition effects. Thanks to that, they will surely impress players as soon as they enjoy the game.

The sound system is really a remarkable point when it creates a sense of fear for the player in the difficult tasks assigned. Players will have to start their challenge in a quiet space. You will have to be very calm to make the right decisions in the game if you do not want to be dominated by scary sounds.

How to install Neighbors back From Hell

Step 1: Download Neighbors back From Hell (APK + OBB) version released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On Android phone, unlock unknown settings. Allow “Neighbors back From Hell” to access the mobile installer.

Step 3: Extract the file “OBB File” move the file “com.hg.NbFH.zip” to the Android/Obb folder.

Step 4: Open the file Neighbors back From Hell_modded-1.com.apk. Select settings.

Step 5: Follow the instructions on the main screen.

Download Neighbors Back From Hell APK for Android

If you are a lover of the role-playing game genre with a suspense element, do not miss the presence of Neighbors back From Hell. This is a great upgrade compared to the previous game. You should download the game using the APK link below this article to be able to experience the game. In general, the presence of Neighbors back From Hell is completely reasonable at a time. Because the game market is saturated with products that do not have many breakthroughs in gameplay.

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