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Update OnMarch 23, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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  • High Score
  • Always Tap Perfect
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Welcome to Beatstar music world where you can play music by tapping and swiping smoothly on the phone screen. Hundreds of songs from classical to modern with soothing melodies will be a challenge for you to discover and conquer. Play it now and feel the music at your fingertips.

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Introduce about Beatstar

Beatstar – The top classical music game for mobile

The music game genre with the touch and swipe style on the screen used to be very popular before. But then it was gradually forgotten and replaced by other hot game genres such as survival, adventure, racing, simulation. However, it seems to return recently when music games started to be welcomed by a large number of young gamers. And Beatstar, a product from the publisher Space Ape, is one of them.

In general, Beatstar is built with classic gameplay but possesses hundreds of different levels. The music with vibrant melodies from the classics is what makes it so impressive and popular. Besides, the operation of playing games on the phone screen is also quite smooth. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for those who love the touch-and-swipe music game genre.

Rich music treasure

With Beatstar, players can find hundreds of popular tracks from their favorite artists. In particular, the hits of Doja Cat, Avicii, and Lil Nas X are also available here to play and chill. In addition, some hit works like Sweet Home Alabama are also on the game’s music store list. So it’s really great for those who love classical music.

But not only listen to music, but you can also even play music freely. Whether you are an amateur artist, celebrity, or just a music enthusiast, it is easy to approach the most difficult songs. Players do not need to learn how to play the music they like, because there is simply Beatstar. The best music will be played in the simplest way so that everyone can enjoy them. So what else do you hesitate? The time to listen and play music has come, join it now.

Touch and swipe to play music

It’s simple to play like a real artist with Beatstar. Players just need to install the game on the phone, then open it, choose a favorite song and start playing it. They just need to touch the black keys running on the screen to play the music tunes. But pay attention, don’t touch the white spaces because you will lose points. Besides, if you see an arrow mark on the key, swipe it instead of tapping.

In addition to the above, players need to know some other rules when playing the game. There will be some long keys and players need to touch them longer than short keys. The difficulty of the game will increase by increasing the song speed. Then the black keys will run faster. Therefore, players need to observe better and manipulate faster to not miss any beat. In general, the gameplay is quite easy, but to conquer all levels, you need to master the manipulation and the ability to feel the music.

Unlock new content through levels

By conquering the songs in each level, the player will unlock new tracks. New and exciting melodies are the motivation for gamers to play hard and make efforts at each level. With the new song, the challenge is different from the old songs. Meanwhile, the gameplay is unchanged, you still play music by tapping and swiping on the screen to score points.

Playing music with Beatstar can help stimulate creativity and train players’ concentration. Although you don’t realize that effect when playing games, it really works. Music is always a great spiritual gift for the mind, especially soothing music. So playing games is not only for fun but also helps develop your skills and mind. So what could be better?

Share music and achievements

Players can share their achievements with other players around the world. That way, they can participate in music challenges and rank up for rewards. Thrilling music races have never stopped being hot in Beatstar’s gaming community. So you should also become a part of it from now on.

Simple graphics

The interface of the game is really simple but convenient to play on the phone screen. When starting a song, the player only sees black keys running on the screen and the music is played continuously. So it helps to keep the necessary concentration for gamers to observe better. However, the effects and colors in each swipe and touch are vivid and snappy. The operation in the game is smooth and has almost no lag.

How to install Beatstar

Step 1: Download the version of Beatstar (APK or MOD) released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your phone, allow the game “Beatstar” to access unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the file Beatstar_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Tap install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until the end of the installation.

FAQs for Beatstar

1: What platform is this game available on?

You can play Beatstar on Android or iOS phones, tablets and even computers.

2: Are the in-game tracks free?

Some tracks will be unlocked for free, others will not. You need to pay real money to buy your favorite tracks.

3: What does the Beatstar MOD version have?

The MOD version of the game will help you automatically tap the feature to conquer the tracks more easily and always get high scores. In addition, it also has a MOD Menu feature with a lot of interesting things.

New update in Beatstar


  • NEW Journey Ranks: 19 and 20
  • 36 songs have been added to the Journey!

Download Beatstar MOD APK for Android

What’s better than an online music game like Beatstar? This is an attractive playground for gamers who love melodies and musical challenges. Not only playing music, but players also have the opportunity to participate in competitions from small to large and rank up. Hundreds of challenges and valuable rewards will keep you excited to play for hours without getting bored. Besides, the music store is rich with famous tracks from your favorite artists. You can even feel them playing with your fingers.


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it’s not mod-1 mod just like previous version , u are using platinmod version on your site

Reply to  MODDED-1.COM

like the previous version , if we open the game , its always said mod-1 . but this mode not appear that things .. it show us that this mod were from other mod . (platinmod) fix it or give me link on previous app if available thanks .

Pula Morzyk
Pula Morzyk

How can I upgrade the game, it keep saying I have to upgrade to the new version but it won’t let me to do it

Franquileide Passos
Franquileide Passos

Please update Beatstar version to the version with ModMenu, do you have a prediction of when the mod will be ready for this version?

Franquileide Passos
Franquileide Passos

The modmenu is not updated to the latest version.

Maman Lallana
Maman Lallana

Update version plesae

Many Money
Many Money

Please update new version.???
I love website modded-1✨✨✨
Please make mod wordzee or word domination ✌?✌?✌?

Xevan Yap
Xevan Yap

Any update?

Bassem Laroussi
Bassem Laroussi

Where is the new update? V22..

нели велева
нели велева

Кога ще пуснете новата версия ?

нели велева
нели велева

this is the old update. correct please

Hannes Emmers (Hess NL)
Hannes Emmers (Hess NL)

Update pls to the latest version

Ярослав Литвин
Ярослав Литвин

Update the mod to version