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Rayark International
Update OnJune 1, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 4.3
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Are you looking for an entertaining game on the weekends to help your mind relax? If so, DEEMO Reborn APK will be a game that suits your criteria at the moment. The game will bring melodious sounds with ghostly gameplay that make players fascinated.

Introduce about DEEMO Reborn

If you don’t like the series of games that are heavy on manipulation, as well as require players to use their minds to win, try the DEEMO Reborn. This is a game from the publisher Rayark International Limited, available on both Android/IOS platforms for $2 per download.

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This game promises to bring players to individual feelings that other games have not yet done. Deemo’s playing style is quite similar to today’s popular music games like Cytus or Zyon. Download the game and enjoy the specialness it brings right away.

Attractive plot

The game is about the life of a boy, Deemo – a mysterious guy, living alone. One day, a mysterious girl appears in a place where Deemo lives. This girl completely lost her memories, but for Deemo, she is a soulmate. Both have a common interest in music and the two became close after a short time.

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To help the girl find her memories, Deemo noticed that on the top of his piano a small branch was clinging to it. The special thing is when there is a piece of music played it will grow out and that is what players will learn. Help her get back to where she was born by playing the game and following the instructions to find out the whole story.

Attractive love song

DEEMO Reborn has the same gameplay as other music games. With simple but equally attractive gameplay, the player’s task is to try to touch the falling music notes. The game allows you to adjust how quickly and slowly depending on your abilities. Each time the melody is touched, it will sound and create melodious music.

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Players will be familiar with the game’s storyline through the built-in missions. In addition to the available music friends, you can unlock many new songs after reaching a certain score. With a large number of songs and many different meanings, it will definitely make players feel like they are lost in a world of music.

The player’s score will base on the number of notes that you hit through each song. Try to complete the music perfectly to fully enjoy the music in DEEMO Reborn.

Many different game modes

In addition to the usual simple gameplay, DEEMO Reborn also incorporates a number of different game modes to help players not feel bored when experiencing.

download deemo reborn apk


Classic: The date mode is quite similar to the original version of DEEMO. It mainly revolves around an ancient castle and a mysterious tree that grows when a tune is played. Control her from the sky and help her find her way home.

Explore: In this mode, players will have to clear up mysterious puzzles in the castle. Find music from the sky, unlock new places, and uncover facts.

Music: Help the mysterious girl return to her home by immersing herself in the music to help the tree grow taller.

Melody: This mode has more than 60 classic songs that a lot of people love.

Unique image

The image in DEEMO Reborn has black and white color as the main color. It depicts the artistic color with the scenes detailed description, perfectly suited to a game with a music orientation. The details in the game are not too fussy. It is simply a picture of a boy and a girl sitting next to a familiar piano, showing each other melodious music to feel the great love from the other. This will be a suitable game for couples who are in love and want to give each other the most sincere feelings.


With a game revolving around music elements, it will not be too difficult to understand when DEEMO Reborn focuses on the sound to give players a great feeling when experiencing. The songs from classical to modern about couple love are integrated into the game very cleverly. It shows the lightness but no less drastic, highlighting the love between the boy and the girl. In general, the sound is the most important factor that helps this game get a lot of love from players.

How to install DEEMO Reborn

Step 1: Download the file DEEMO Reborn (APK + OBB) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Tap Install OBB -> Select DEEMO Reborn OBB (com.rayark.deemoreborn.zip).

Step 3: Tap select install the file DEEMO Reborn.apk.

Step 4: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download DEEMO Reborn APK for Android

This is a game suitable for all ages because of its simple gameplay, bringing excitement to the player. DEEMO Reborn fully expresses emotions expressed in delicate musical colors, promising to make players feel soaring in the music with attractive and attractive gameplay.

This game has a $2 price per download on Google Play. If you have financial difficulties, or can not pay the money for many different reasons, please download the game via the APK link below the article. It’s free, of course.

MOD Feature:

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