Ground Digger 2.3.0 APK + MOD [No Ads] Download for Android

Update OnAugust 1, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Ground Digger MOD APK is a simple idle but addictive game for you to kill time. Tap the screen to control your drill and dig through various layers to reach the core of the earth. A long journey but lots of fun and rewards are waiting for you to discover, let’s go.

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Introduce about Ground Digger

Ground Digger – Dig continuously to find valuable resources

If you are bored with the usual fighting, action, survival, or simulation games, try Ground Digger, an addictive casual game from the publisher HOMA GAMES. It is different from your experience in thrilling games. Because it will bring you joy with simple clicker mechanics, soft music, bright background, and more.

Ground Digger

You can be immersed for hours digging and searching for resources. Simply tap to dig, dig and dig. But its appeal is not small at all, so it has attracted more than 5 million installs on Google Play. It is also available at Modded-1 with a free MOD APK file to download to your phone.

Just tap to play

Those who love idle games will surely love Ground Digger. It has simple gameplay where you become a drill with endless digging tasks. Gamers will touch the joystick to control their drill through many different layers of soil from the forest, fertile soil, ice, lava, and more. It won’t stop until you reach the last core of the earth. Along the way, gamers will have to collect resources such as gems, diamonds, gold, gems, and more. They are the spoils of your mining journey here.

But pay attention to your fuel intake. The drill will stop working if it runs out of fuel, so the player needs to refill it to continue the journey. There will be refueling machines on the ground so it will be quite time-consuming for each return. Therefore, players should have suitable mining strategies to shorten the time and optimize efficiency. Besides, they can also call on many small diggers to help in their journey. Dig, dig, and more to find your true target in the last place.

Unlock dozens of cutting-edge drills

The challenge will become more and more difficult as gamers go deeper into the earth’s core. The layers will be thicker, requiring greater speed and strength to dig through. So gamers will need to upgrade their drills from time to time to meet the challenges. By using their gold and resources, gamers can unlock many new drill shapes and skills. From a small drill to a giant with a fast drill speed that can penetrate any layer of rock. Then, just swipe a straight line from the top to dig without worrying about any obstacles.

Besides, gamers can also spend a few seconds watching ads and unlock skill combos for drills. If you are bothered with that, simply download Ground Digger MOD APK in this article to unlock endlessly. In addition, over time, gamers will unlock more new areas. Many layers of earth, rock, ice, and more will be available for you to conquer to gradually reach the final destination of your journey. But with that, gamers will need more fuel and more upgrades.

Simple graphics, funny sounds

The appeal of Ground Digger may not lie in the graphics, but it is good enough to make you feel satisfied. It is designed with a simple, rudimentary but colorful visual style, making the gamer’s experience colorful and eye-catching. The image of the drill is also quite rich and becomes more and more unique after each upgrade. The game context is equally simple but is described quite realistically to clarify the layers of soil and rock below the ground.

But the impressive point of this game is the effects when playing. You can clearly hear the distinctive sound of the drill and the effects of falling earth every time you dig. In addition, the game also has fun background music throughout the experience. While playing, listening to music, and enjoying the colorful game scene will make you forget all your worries. Maybe that’s the addictive point of Ground Digger.

How to install Ground Digger

Please check and uninstall Ground Digger on your phone if available. Then please follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Ground Digger MOD APK at Modded-1.com via the β€œDownload” link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Installation is finished, you will see the game icon appear on the phone screen. Click it to open and enjoy now.

If there are any problems during the download and installation process, please comment to let us know. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Download Ground Digger MOD APK for Android

A game like Ground Digger can be “spiritual food” for you when you have free time. This game is played online but with few ads, its gameplay is simple, so anyone can play it anytime. Your job is to dig earth, rock, or snow to explore the ground from the perspective of the drill. Unlock many new areas with new classes, upgrade drills, and progress over time to explore to the ultimate core. Don’t miss your journey, countless valuable resources are rewards for miners’ efforts.

Features MOD:

  • No Ads

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