Zombie Tsunami 4.5.123 APK + MOD [Unlimited Money] Download

Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Update OnJanuary 20, 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Arcade Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK is one of the most successful zombie-inspired games on the mobile gaming market. In the game, you will control an army of zombies with the goal of attacking all the people in front of them and turning them into zombies. Refer to this article to be able to better understand what this game has to offer.

Note: You can also find lots of zombie-themed games like Plants vs Zombies 2 or Overrun.

Introduce about Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami – The most famous zombies game on mobile platforms

Zombie Tsunami

If you are familiar with the zombie survival style game with the player’s escape from the bloody and scary zombies. Coming to Zombie Tsunami will make you transform into zombies with a way of playing and not following the path of familiar survival games. Zombie Tsunami was developed by publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L on both Android and iOS phone platforms. This game was warmly received by players and quickly became an immortal monument of zombie dialogue games. Download this game from our website and learn the habits of a normal zombie right now.

The gameplay is simple but fun

Coming to Zombie Tsunami, you will be immersed in a zombie army that is constantly moving to eat everyone on the way. At the beginning of the game, you only own a single zombie, your task is to eat as many people as possible to turn them into zombies, increasing the player’s chances of survival. You can start with more zombies by collecting a certain amount and upgrading for a safer start. In general, the difficulty of this game will continuously increase, which will definitely bring you memorable experiences.

Concentration and skillful control

All you need to do in Zombie Tsunami is to help your zombies overcome the obstacles in front. Players can manipulate to make them jump by touching anywhere on the screen, it’s simple, right? Accordingly, players must control zombies skillfully if they do not want to lose quickly. The game will take place at an increasingly fast pace when you achieve a high score. It only ends when there are no more zombies left on the screen.

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If you, unfortunately, have to sacrifice a few zombies to keep the rest of them alive, don’t hesitate. The zombies themselves in the game can eat others to clone a lot so you don’t need to worry, sacrificing to help you get a higher score is also a good tip. When experiencing the game, players need the highest concentration because just one small mistake will make what you built back to zero in an instant.

Ways to have more zombies

The people who are scared on the street are the easiest way to own zombies without consuming too many resources. When enough zombies are needed, the player can destroy the vehicles on the way such as trash cans, cars, and planes to own more zombies. However, you should consider the number of zombies you have to decide whether to eat or not. If you make a mistake, you may lose a decent number of zombies. The larger the vehicle, the more zombies are required, but the loot brings a lot more than what you spend.

Various stores

You can use the money you get after each game to upgrade special skills to help your zombie army destroy obstacles quickly. Skills like GiantZ, Ninja, Gold, Tsunami, or Dragon will bring unique advantages to help you choose and make appropriate decisions to preserve the zombies you have. Note that these skills are only effective for a short period of time, requiring you to make decisions at the most appropriate time to avoid regrets.

Zombie Tsunami also allows players to comfortably decorate their zombies by buying necessary items in the store, you can buy a hat or a beautiful outfit for your children. Completely new images will make you completely surprised.

Graphics are simple but very attractive

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As mentioned, Zombie Tsunami was released a long time ago, so its graphic quality cannot be compared with games in the present time. You will see the appearance of ferocious but equally funny zombies right from the first experience. Besides, the context and details on the map are constantly changing so that players always feel the attraction when enjoying. The sound in the game is also very lively, from the sound of zombies to the screams of the people around.

How to install Zombie Tsunami

Step 1: Search for “Zombie Tsunami” at Modded-1.com and choose to download the game’s MOD or APK file. It’s completely free to download and install on your Android phone.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it. Then please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, you can open the game and play it right away. The MOD version will come with unlimited money for you to shop and unlock content continuously.

Download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK for Android

Zombie Tsunami is an arcade game full of attractive elements so you can’t take your eyes off the experience screen. Of course, you will quickly encounter various difficulties during the game. If you want to make things simpler, please download the MOD version we provide below this article.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money


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