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Great fighting battles are back in ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO APK. This is a product developed based on the previous famous version with notable improvements in terms of content and graphics. Are you ready to control the powerful fighters fighting in the wars that this game brings?

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ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO – The famous fighting game in the 90s

Become martial artists and participate in exciting fighting battles in ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO that will bring you great experiences. This is an upgraded version of the previous two versions developed by SNK CORPORATION. This publisher specializes in producing ACA NEOGEO games and vividly reproducing them on mobile platforms.

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With only 3.99$, you can return to your childhood again through this game. With fast action gameplay, beautiful effects, and graphics, ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO will definitely not let you down when enjoying. Download this game through Google Play or App Store to enjoy the exciting fighting moments it has to offer.

Choose your favorite boxer

Before starting the intense fighting battles, players will have to choose for themselves a favorite boxer. There are many different designed fighters in ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO to help players choose quickly. Some prominent names can be mentioned such as Robert, Rody, Ryo, Wang, and more. Each fighter will have their own strengths and fighting style, so you need to find out carefully. Which face will you choose and what is your fighting style? Accordingly, alternating between boxers is also a reasonable choice for you.

Join uncompromising battles

All battles taking place in ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO have a highly competitive element. Here, there is no place for the weak and you will be quickly defeated by your opponent if you do not possess skilled fighting skills. Basically, matches will take place on a horizontal screen like fighting games so far.

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Thanks to that, you can easily observe the battle and make appropriate combat decisions in each situation. Besides, pay attention to the HP index, when the HP index of one of the two boxers reaches 0, the other will win. At the same time, the match in the game will also have a time limit, after about 45 seconds, the match will end. At this time, the boxer with more HP will win the final victory.

Simple control system

The control system in ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO is also very intuitive and familiar to all players. Accordingly, you just need to use the virtual keys on the screen to help your character launch reasonable attacks toward the opponent. At the same time, you need to observe the opponent’s moves and come up with the most effective dodging method.

If you want, you can also customize the virtual pad to make fighting easier. This is really a significant improvement of this game compared to versions a few decades ago. Besides, you can also use the fast save and load function to keep your game progress uninterrupted.

Discover engaging content

Not only bringing the typical fighting battles, but ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO also allows players to discover fascinating content after each battle. You can learn about the main story of each character in the game through the dialogues that appear on the screen. Each person will have a completely unique development, so learning about their stories will feel interesting and new. Do not skip any dialogue to learn about the important details in this game.

Classic 2D graphics quality

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Although there have been noticeable improvements in graphics compared to previous versions, the graphics of ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO still only stop in 2D format. Perhaps publisher SNK wants to keep the inherent experience of this game series to players. All the details that appear in the game are not too sharp, but still enough to give you impressive battles. Besides, the sound quality of this game is also quite good with the noises coming from the boxers’ attacks.


Step 1: Download the APK version of ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Tap install.

Step 3: Complete the installation and the icon “ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO” will appear. Click the icon to experience the game quickly.

If you have any questions regarding the download or installation process, please contact us for a response as soon as possible.


Not only playing the game, but you also enjoy a series of attacks, defense, and superior techniques of elite boxers in ART OF FIGHTING 3 ACA NEOGEO. This is a remake that is remarkable in many respects with the original experiences it offers. You should try to download the MOD version of this game at our site to play the game completely for free.

Features MOD:

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