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Update OnJanuary 4, 2023
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Pompom hamster is in dire need of your help in Pompom APK game. Basically, this is a unique platformer game that takes players on an endless adventure. Here, you will have to help the main character overcome all the challenges and obstacles in front of him to complete his adventure safely.

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Introduce about Pompom

Pompom – Arcade game combined with colorful platformer style

In fact, Pompom was previously released on the Steam platform before coming to the mobile platform. Accordingly, the publisher PID Games has recreated this unique game properly on mobile devices. Thanks to that, players will still feel like they are enjoying an impressive platformer journey right on the touch screen.


The operating mechanism of this game is markedly different from other platformer games of the same genre. More specifically, the player will not directly control the activities of the main character Pompom, but control other objects in the environment. Your task is to help this hamster move safely by avoiding the surrounding obstacles. Try downloading Pompom through Google Play to discover it right away.

Save your friend Hoshi

Usually, most platformer games have a specific story to make it easier for players to understand the main content. Pompom is no exception. The content of this game revolves around the journey of a hamster named Pompom.

One fine day, Captain Cat and his minions appeared and kidnapped Hoshi into the space portal. The adventure officially starts right from this scene so you can easily imagine what you need to do. The mission of this mouse is to save his friend Hoshi from the pursuit of Captain Cat.

Very unique gameplay

It can be seen that the platformer gameplay is not too new with the appearance of many games on the game market. But believe me, Pompom will bring you a completely new experience of this gameplay. Accordingly, this game does not focus on the movement and control of the character. Instead, it focuses on manipulating the surrounding platform to help the protagonist move most efficiently.

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The player has full control over every detail that appears on the screen such as platforms, obstacles, and surrounding objects. This means that you need to analyze every agent on the way to create the safest path for the protagonist. It can be the appearance of roads, laying springs, building bridges, and more.

Defeat enemies and collect items

Along the way, players will encounter countless enemies with varying degrees of danger. You need to take advantage of every element along the way, interact with the necessary items to defeat all enemies, and collect important items. Accordingly, the items in the game can be used effectively according to the player’s will.

You can swing ropes, cut vines, and more. Gradually, the difficulty of the game will increase significantly as more obstacles and enemies appear. Therefore, you need to try to collect as many items along the way as possible. They play a prerequisite role in helping the main character move more efficiently in each stage. If you lack support items, you will risk having to play from the beginning.

Adventure through 8 inspiring worlds

The rescue in Pompom is extremely epic when giving players a lot of locations to explore. You will adventure through many different areas with the appearance of completely new obstacles and enemies. Accordingly, this game offers 8 epic worlds with different designs. Thanks to that, you will always feel excited about your journey. The change in environment will make you always have to come up with new approach strategies if you want to complete the available levels.

Classic pixel graphics

download pompom apk

If you are a lover of the classic pixel graphic style, Pompom will be a good choice. All the details appearing on the screen are extremely vividly reproduced through the classic pixel graphic style. Thanks to that, players will feel like returning to their childhood again through this exciting journey. Besides, this game also offers smooth graphics customization for players who love modern graphic styles.

How to install Pompom

Step 1: Download the APK version of Pompom by clicking the “Download” link in this article.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and select “Install” to start the installation process. Please wait as it will not take more than a minute of your time.

Step 3: Open the game as soon as the installation is complete, log in and play it right away.

Download Pompom APK for Android

In short, Pompom is an exciting action and adventure game with unique opponents and challenging levels. This is really a new option with a somewhat different operating mechanism compared to other platformer games in the current game market. Each new world in the game has its own special content that promises to keep you hooked.

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