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Update OnJanuary 30, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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The battle for survival has become more interesting than ever with the help of other teammates in Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK. In this game, you will no longer be alone in difficult survival. Instead, you can work with your teammates around you to make sure everyone is safe.

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Introduce about Ninja Survivors Online

Ninja Survivors Online – Survival game combined with multiplayer roguelike element

Ninja Survivors Online

Transform into a talented ninja in Ninja Survivors Online to fight and survive in your own way. The task is very simple, it is to defeat a series of monsters with different strengths that appear continuously on the map. To do that, you need to constantly upgrade your ninja’s strength and coordinate well with the teammates around.

Accordingly, the publisher Puzzle Monsters gives players an attractive battle for survival with other teammates around the world. As a result, you will not be alone in this long battle but increase the victory rate in each battle. Currently, Ninja Survivors Online is available on Google Play, please download it to discover it now.

Choose your favorite ninja

Before starting the battle for survival, players will have to choose their favorite ninja to accompany. Each ninja will have different skills and perks, so you can easily choose as you like. As of now, this game offers 4 ninja options for players. At the same time, you need to know how to use your skills appropriately to maximize your power in each battle. Moreover, new types of skills and weapons will continuously expand over time so players can fight in their own way.

Challenging survival gameplay

In the first experience of Ninja Survivors Online, players will immediately be taken to uncompromising survival battles. This is clearly demonstrated through the appearance of countless monsters on the screen. They are constantly rushing toward you with the goal of defeating you as soon as possible. All the player needs to do is control his ninja to move continuously to dodge attacks from enemies.

At the same time, your character will automatically launch attacks on enemies when approaching. Of course, you can also directly interfere in the match by clicking on the skills that appear on the screen. This will help the main character launch a series of special moves to destroy the enemy faster. Over time, the monsters will become more and more powerful and better, so you need to constantly upgrade the strength of your ninja.

Cooperate with teammates

Besides the single survival mode, players can also participate in team battle mode. Team battle mode will pair you with any other player to fight together in the battle for survival. At this point, the two need to work well together to be able to defeat all enemies to ensure safety in a challenging survival battle.

It could be cases where you rescue your friends when they are surrounded by enemies and vice versa. The combination of many players will help you conquer much more difficult survival battles. It could be winning against powerful Bosses and you will receive exclusive rewards from the system.

Continuously increasing strength

Ninja Survivors Online requires players to constantly increase the strength of their ninjas if they want to survive in uncompromising battles. Indeed, this game offers a lot of opportunities for players to increase their strength over time. It is choosing the right fighting skills in each battle and choosing the most effective weapons. Carefully reading the information about weapons and skills is also an important factor. The survival of the character depends on the strategy you choose, so think carefully before making a decision.

Colorful cartoon graphics

The picture quality of Ninja Survivors Online really impressed us. This game possesses a 3D graphics format combined with a colorful cartoon style. Thereby, you will enjoy the inspirational battle for survival through the details shown on the screen. It can be the appearance of lovely ninja characters, a large monster system, or a diverse map. Besides, the skills in the game are also shown very smoothly, giving you a sense of excitement during the game.

How to install Ninja Survivors Online

Step 1: Click on the APK or MOD link of Ninja Survivors Online below this article to download the game for your Android phones.

Step 2: To install APK or MOD file, please go to “install” and activate “unknown sources”.

Step 3: Now you can open Ninja Survivors Online_MOD_ modded-1.com.apk and install.

Step 4: Wait for the installation process to complete, then you can open the game and play it right away.

Download Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK for Android

The fascinating multiplayer survival battle in Ninja Survivors Online will make you feel excited about what it brings. Do not imitate any previous survival game, you will accompany other teammates to overcome the challenges available in this game. Do everything you can to defeat the hordes of monsters that are rushing towards you continuously from now on.

Features MOD

  • Attack Speed Multiplier
  • Move Speed Multiplier


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