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Wales Interactive
Update OnJuly 9, 2022
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Who Muted Uncle Marcus? MOD APK is an attractive interactive game adapted from the original version on Steam. Now you can enjoy this game with full original content right on your mobile device. By joining the game, you will have to constantly make the right choices to develop the main story in a good direction.

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Introduce about Who Muted Uncle Marcus?

Who Muted Uncle Marcus? – Exciting interactive adventure game just launched

Interactive games combined with movies are gradually becoming popular in the present time. By participating in games of this genre, players will have full control over what will happen next. Usually, each game will come with a lot of different endings for players to explore freely.

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Who Muted Uncle Marcus? is no exception, this is a product from the publisher Wales Interactive. They specialize in the production of games of this genre and have achieved certain achievements. There are some popular products such as The Complex, Five Dates, Night Book and Bloodshore. Therefore, you should try downloading this game through Google Play to discover it now.

The story of the family quiz tradition

The main content in Who Muted Uncle Marcus? revolves around the character Abby, she lives in a family that has a tradition of having an annual birthday quiz. It’s a long-standing tradition, one that brings together the rich and the eccentric. But things got worse this year. Dear Uncle Marcus suddenly tells Abby that someone in the family is trying to poison him.

And Abby was the only person he trusted and told this secret. Transforming into Abby, you need to quickly find the killer before it’s too late. With an online gathering underway, it’s time to ask the right questions to save Uncle Marcus’s life. Only when the exact killer is found will everything be resolved.

Familiar interactive gameplay mechanics

How to play Who Muted Uncle Marcus? relatively simple and will not make it difficult for any player. Accordingly, you will not have too much time to save Uncle Marcus, so quickly ask the right questions to keep your uncle alive longer. You only have a few questions in this online family meeting, so find the clues ASAP.

If you don’t find a clue, Uncle Marcus’ HP bar will continue to decrease. This will make everything happening in the game become more intense and stressful than ever. Believe me, every decision you make will directly affect the main storyline of this game. So, think carefully to make the most correct choices. But at the same time, if you get the answer wrong too many times, you can also start from the beginning and make different choices than the previous play.

Observing the family tree

Who Muted Uncle Marcus? is a game that is heavy on interaction and the player’s reasoning will be the deciding factor. This is not a game for entertainment, but you will always be put in stressful situations while playing the game. In addition to the interactive segments, this game also provides a number of relevant clues to help players find the most correct choice. Typically you can look at the family tree for more clues, or call any member you want.

Feels like watching an interactive movie

During the gameplay, we believe that you will always feel like you are transforming into the main character and enjoying an interactive movie at your will. The acting of the characters in this movie is quite good with very vivid expressions and behaviors. Accompanying it is a story with depth, enough for players to satisfy their passion for learning about the surrounding mysteries.

The main content of this game will give you a completely different perspective on family, but it is not exactly correct in all cases. In addition, the cast in the film is relatively familiar to players who often watch movies. You will quickly recognize the appearance of Andy Buckley (The Office) as Uncle Marcus or Susannah Doyle (Black Mirror) and Robbie Kay (Once Upon a Time).

How to install Who Muted Uncle Marcus?

Step 1: Click the link at the bottom of this article, wait a few seconds and click download to bring Who Muted Uncle Marcus? APK to your phone.

Step 2: Click open the downloaded file and select “Install”. Please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Touch the icon of the game on the phone screen to open, then click “Who Muted Uncle Marcus?” to play now.

Download Who Muted Uncle Marcus? MOD APK for Android

Who Muted Uncle Marcus? will help you discover fascinating content through a story that is super easy to understand but hard to win. You will have to maintain high concentration and accurate reasoning throughout the game to find the culprit in this game. Besides, the graphic element of Who Muted Uncle Marcus? It is also very remarkable with well-thought-out images and beautiful techniques during the experience.

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