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The Complex MOD APK is a game adapted from a famous movie of the same name. You’ll explore each part of it like you’re watching a movie, but can make choices that determine the story’s ending. Up to 8 different outcomes are the result of your previous selection sequence. Let’s see which end is for you right now.

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Introduce about The Complex

The Complex – Novel game from sci-fi movies

At first glance, we mistook The Complex for a cutscene from a movie, not a game. But it really is a perfect match between those two factors. This game is classified in the adventure genre, but actually, it is closest to the visual novel genre. It offers a movie-played story, with quizzes and multiple choices. The player has the right to decide its ending, just like they used to do in regular novel games. But endings are available and it’s up to you to discover them.

The Complex

This game will impress you with a fresh storyline of the sci-fi genre. Besides, because it is played from a movie, every scene, character, and dialogue in the game is very realistic and well-organized. The sound is equally vivid, making for an incredibly engaging game experience. You’ll be immersed in it until you find the ending, and can play it over and over again trying out more options. The time for each play will be more than 1 hour, which is long enough for you to understand the whole plot and the meaning it brings.


The story of the game mainly revolves around the main character Dr. Amy Tenant, the leader in the development of Nanocell technology. She and her best friend have successfully treated victims of the chemical attack in Kindar. After that, they returned to London to continue the process of scientific research. But soon, in London, there were rumors of dengue symptoms in a commoner. From there, they were summoned to study it and had to stay in the isolated laboratory.

Based on the flow of the story above, The Complex will lead players through Amy’s journey and uncover the secrets behind the chemical attacks. More and more people are affected and you can’t let it get any worse. Together with his old friend uncover every secret in the lab and see what happened. This is your time to embark on a thrilling adventure, discovering different personalities and independent outcomes. The majority of the game is movie scenes, but sometimes, there will be a few seconds of stagnation for you to think and choose.

Choosing to develop relationships

Puzzles will appear randomly during your movie enjoyment. They will come with 2 answers, and the player has the right to choose 1 of them. Usually, the options are opposite in nature, so each choice will lead to a different outcome. Just choose and the player will see what comes next. And wise choices will lead to good and favorable developments. That is the basis for a happy ending.

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Through selection, players are also directly determining relationships. The main character will interact with many other characters in the game and have certain levels of intimacy. Each player’s choice can affect that level, making it better or worse. You can even turn a trusting relationship into despair, or turn a casual relationship into a lasting one.

Besides, through each choice, the player also indirectly helps exploit the different personalities in the character. Some people are extroverted, some are introverted, some are open-minded, some are shy. It is very diverse so that you have many different feelings after playing. You can find your personality there.

Premium picture quality

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The Complex possesses excellent image quality with the best resolution. The image of the character and the background is very realistic because they are real people and real scenes. Besides, the footage is shown very well, showing many different angles. The character’s personality is excellently shown through many close-up angles, expressions, gestures, and actions. In addition, the sound is also very good, the playback speed is stable. The voice acting is very good, suitable for each character with different personalities.

Steps to install The Complex

Step 1: Click the link at the end of this article, wait a few seconds and click download to get The Complex APK to your phone.

Step 2: Click open the downloaded file and select “Install”. Please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Touch the game’s icon on the phone screen to open it. Click “New Game” to play now.

Download The Complex MOD APK for Android

The Complex will be an interesting experience for you to enjoy the visual novel gameplay in a new way. It’s a lot more realistic than regular games, so it’s easy to get hooked. This game includes many attractive movie scenes, dramatic but also full of humanity. Best of all, it helps you to understand the various aspects of real-life and the dark sides of modern civilization. You will have many options to decide the end of the game.

Features MOD:

  • Unlock All Version


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