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Update OnJuly 6, 2022
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I Saw Black Clouds MOD APK is an adventure game combined with interactive elements featured on the mobile platform. You will experience the entire plot in the game through details derived from reality. The special thing is that the real human characters will make you feel like you are watching an interactive psychological thriller.

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Introduce about I Saw Black Clouds

I Saw Black Clouds – Real-life interactive psychological thriller game

Interactive games on mobile have been raised to a new level in the present time. Now you won’t have to interact with cartoon characters anymore. Instead, you will have the opportunity to discover interesting content revolving around stories played by real people. I Saw Black Clouds is a good example that you can experience in the present time.

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This is a game that has just been released on Google Play and App Store by publisher Wales Interactive. By joining the game, you will feel like you are watching a horror movie with the content changing depending on your choice. This game offers supernatural elements and a branching storyline that is sure to keep you entertained. If you want to play the game, you can download it on our website right now.

Captivating plot

An interactive game always knows how to give players an attractive storyline right from the first experience. I Saw Black Clouds is no exception. This game happens after the sudden death of Kristina’s best friend. She has decided to return to her hometown in search of the most accurate answer to the death of her best friend. Gradually, Kristina discovered many secrets beyond her imagination about the death of her best friend. So, your mission is to accompany this main character and reach the final ending in this game.

Interactive factors decide everything

Transforming into Kristina, players will have the right to make the most appropriate decisions in all situations. Accordingly, the way you connect with the characters and make choices will directly affect the content of the story. I Saw Black Clouds offers a lot of different endings based on the decisions of each player. So you can play the game many times to fully explore.

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Basically, you will both watch the movie and make your own decisions to continue the story the game wants to convey. Your every decision, character interactions, personality, and relationship are tracked by the system. So, new elements will be harmoniously integrated into the gaming process that will definitely bring you novelties. Besides, the way to choose interaction in the game is also very simple. You just need to touch the screen to make your decision.

Dashboard to assess progress

This is an important feature that helps players easily track the progress of content development in the game. There are many challenges that you face in I Saw Black Clouds. This is the time when you must fully show all aspects of your personality such as honesty, strength, morality, improvisation, and introspection to develop the story in a good direction. Of course, you can also play the game the way you want without having to pay too much attention to the ending of the story. Because you can try again and again until you find a happy ending in this game.

A horror movie played by real people

The entire story content in I Saw Black Clouds is performed by real people. This is essentially a horror film with interactive elements of players filmed in the UK. The development in the movie will have a continuous branching, and the development will change based on the player’s decision. Besides, this game with the participation of famous actors such as Nicole O’Neill, Rachel Jackson, and Larry Rew will certainly convey the full message that the publisher wishes for players.

Perfect picture quality in many respects

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I Saw Black Clouds was developed like a movie, so you can be assured of the picture quality it brings. All the details in the game are good, from the context to the nuances of each character appearing on the screen. All will contribute to creating unforgettable experiences for players. In addition, the sound factor also makes us feel impressed from the first time we enjoy it.

How to install I Saw Black Clouds

Step 1: Download I Saw Black Clouds MOD APK at Modded-1.com via the link in this article.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select Install.

Step 3: The installation process will take place quickly. Once finished, you will see the game installed on your phone.

Step 4: Click the game icon to open it and enjoy your experience.

Download I Saw Black Clouds APK & MOD for Android

I Saw Black Clouds is ready to bring you endless content to experience. This game is extremely suitable for players who love the interactive simulation game genre played by real people. Besides, the personality of each character will also be extremely characteristic so that you can feel the vividness when experiencing it.

Features MOD:

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